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Father and Son: An Intimate Study
Published in Hardcover by Family First (1999)
Authors: Philip E. Howard, Elisabeth Elliot, and Phillip E. Howard
Amazon base price: $12.00
Used price: $8.73
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Clarity on the subject of fatherhood in a confused society.
Although the author's prose may seem a bit disjointed today, the timeless message of this great book sounds forth with astonishing clarity in our modern culture.

One has only to look as far as one's local newscast to see firsthand the tragedies that are inflicting a nation that has been repeatedly told that the role of a strong father is not necessary to the development of our children.

And what about the Dad's that really do want to be there for their children? Where in today's society can a Dad go to learn exactly what his children and wife really need to thrive?

Thankfully, this book does just that. By pointing to the timeless principles in God's word, a father can begin the process of orienting his marriage relationship and fatherhood responsiblities to God's principles.

As a soon-to-be Dad, I am very thankful this formerly out-of-print book is now available again. I would encourage all Dad's to get your own copy today. This is a must-read.

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