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Frommer's New Zealand
Published in Paperback by Frommer (2002)
Author: Adrienne Rewi
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The book focuses on Social Responsiblity underlying commerce
Business, Commerce, and Social Responsibility is a courageous work that links culture and business in international settings. The authors examine social responsibility and ethical procedures of economic activitiese in diverse case studies and formulate theories on socially responsible organiztions in global settings. This is not a moralist book about business ethics. This book is about how to analyze and understand the social aspects of business that are contextually rich and have significant consequences in people's livesaround the world. Today all cultures are in fission and fusion, the institutional settings of economic and social power are mutating.

The case studies illustrate how business is socio-historically conditioned, and how practitioners can understand cultural dimensions of business by using anthropological research methods. The studies of Apple computer, The Body Shop, and Pharmco, for instance, examine not only the historical influence of the leaders' ! values, and the multiple meanings of managerial practice, but also the diverse voices of stakeholders, the polysemic processes of local knowledge-creation, and their dynamic relationship with larger historical and socio-political trends.

Duke Ellington (African American Biographies (Chicago, Ill.).)
Published in Library Binding by Raintree/Steck Vaughn (2003)
Author: Richard Terrill
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