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El Caso CEA: Intelectuales e Inquisidores en Cuba. ¿ Perestroika en la Isla ?
Published in Paperback by Ediciones Universal (1998)
Authors: Maurizio Giuliano, Andrés Oppenheimer, Jorge Castañeda, Irving Louis Horowitz, Wayne S. Smith, Jorge Edwards, and Manuel Moreno Fraginals
Amazon base price: $24.95
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Fascinating and intriguing
An absolute must for anyone studying Cuba or communism in general. This book provides a fascinating account of the unknown secret struggles within Cuba's political élites. Thanks to classified documents he was able to obtain, this author - a young and promising Oxford and Cambridge graduate - puts us into the picture of the delicate and intricate power games at the regime's peaks. Thrilling throughout all its pages, and very easy to read.

Excellent material !
In this book, Maurizio Giuliano has been able to collect material which may otherwise have been destroyed, on the secret tensions and divergencies among Cuba's political élites. It is the first time that this type of documents are published, enabling scholars and others to know more on this delicate issue. The stories of repression against Cuba's dissidents are no news, but the repression and internal purges within the élites are something very different, which can indeed tell us a lot about the prospects for change in Cuba 'from within'. This book therefore does a marvelous job. It constitutes an extremely valuable source, as well as fascinating reading with extremely astute intepretations and observations.

A unique source of information and insight analysis
Even now, almost five years after the tragic purge of 1996 against the academics of the CEA (Centro de Estudios sobre América), the relevance of this book is paramount. To this day, this collection of highly sensitive documents, together with the author's able reconstruction of facts and his analysis, remains one of the best sources to understand intra-élite conflicts in contemporary Cuba. Which is, in turn, the most likely basis for future change towards democracy in the communist island. Every single document and piece of information in this book should be carefully scrutinized, in any attempt to forecast possible 'openings' towards a democratic transition 'from within' the apparatus.

Understanding Movies
Published in Textbook Binding by Prentice Hall (06 July, 1998)
Authors: Louis D. Giannetti, John W. Langdon, and Edward H. Judge
Amazon base price: $56.00
Used price: $2.29
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A pleasurable, very educational book about film
I picked up this book, in part, because of the several ...[good ratings]... Isn't it great when people you don't even know turn you on to a GREAT book? I have always been a movie enthusiast, but recently, having discovered how great DVDs look and sound, I am starting to re-discover my love of movies. I want to know more about how movies work, and how different effects are acheived. This book has been wonderful in helping my understanding of cinema. From the first chapter onward, I have found insights into movies that help me look at them with a slightly different eye: why are the colors like that in this scene? Why is the shot framed like it is? Although this book seems like it could be used as a textbook in a beginning film class, I carry it around with me and read it, and even re-read parts. Thanks for the great tip. Yes a five-star book! Fun to read!

Teaches the "language" of film
"Understanding Movies" is an excellent primer book for anyone starting to learn the art of film. It is not a book that tells you why certain films are great, or why some are inferior. Rather, its objective is for the readers to acquire a good awareness of film art so they will be able to form their own opinions about the films they see. The book is comprised of 11 chapters which can be read out of sequence: Photography, Mise en Scene, Movement, Editing, Sound, Acting, Drama, Story, Literature, Ideology, Theory. Every chapter begins with an short overview (abstract) that points out the key ideas in the chapter, then it proceeds to elaborate on them. Emphases are made not just on the technical aspects of film-making, but artistic ones as well. For instance, the chapter on photography discusses not only things like f/stop, aperture, and exposure, but also how photography can achieve certain dramatic and psychological effects.

Without any hint of snobbery, the book uses examples from all kinds of films, from revered classics to recent box-office hits, to illustrate aspects of the art form. For instance, it cites James Cameron's TITANIC (hardly perceived as teaching material for film art) as an example of a filmmaker's subtle use of different flesh tones to evoke a sense of optimism or doom.

The chapter on "Ideology" was not available on some earlier editions. It provides a fascinating discussion on how movies often contain either implicit or explicit political leanings, religious beliefs, ethical values, and other allusions that reflect the attitudes of the filmmakers. It also includes a discussion on portrayals of gays and lesbians in films.

The book is replete with still photos from movies, each accompanied with a wonderful caption that serves as a mini-analysis of a certain aspect of the movie itself, so that readers can get a quick lession on film art. Illustrations that stand out include: a series of screenshots from the Odessa Staircase sequence in THE BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, storyboards from the cropdusting scene in NORTH BY NORTHWEST, a shot-by-shot analysis of a scene from Hitchcock's SABOTAGE that demonstrates sometimes an actor's performance can be made more effective when his or her face is unseen.

This is not a film review book. You won't see capsule reviews, cast biography, production history, etc. written about every single movie. This book does cite from about 300 films, but it only uses them as examples for discussing certain aspects of film art. It often assumes the readers have already seen the films in question. That brings up my biggest concern: the book often gives away plot details of the movies it discusses. To compensate for that, a lot of films cited by the book are popular hits that have likely been seen by most people, such as PRETTY WOMAN, TITANIC, DIE HARD, etc.

Each new edition of the book differs from earlier ones mainly in the selection of still photos. Newer editions contain more stills from recent films. The first three editions came out in 1971, '75, and '80 respectively. Hence, if you want to see more coverage of, say, films made in the 70s, be sure to get at least the 3rd edition or later.

Last but not least, the book ends with a comprehensive appraisal of CITIZEN KANE that (a) analyzes the movie itself, (b) serves as a grand summation for the book, and most importantly, (c) invites the reader to apply all the knowledge gained from the book to becoming a more astute film viewer.

This book is a must for anyone interested in movies or for film students. I first came into contact with this book in 1985 while at film school and it remains on my book shelf as a wonderful reference book. This book covers everthing from a-z and is well illustrated. The photographs are great and are direct references from the text - not just a visual for the sake of it, as often happens in subscribed texts. This is one of those books I would call "A MUST BUY." I am considering buying the most current version - eventhough I am working in a different industry.

The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two
Published in Paperback by Little Brown & Co (Pap) (1993)
Authors: William Sears and Martha Sears
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Mystère Noir
Aimee DuBois is a thirty-something black journalist living in the French Quarter of New Orleans and operating the city's black rag. When a young man dies on the steps of one of the local high schools, Aimee takes it upon herself to find out the truth about what happened. She goes to the ghetto looking for answers, but ends up finding much more.

N is told in a most innovative narrative style. Switching back and forth from the film noir style to the voice of Aimee, Edwards captures the reader with strong symbolism and living, breathing characters. When I first heard about this book, the one letter title intrigued me, but I was left satisfied and enlightened as I moved through the book. The recurring theme of N is tightly and believeably wrapped up in a surprise ending, one of the critical things I think makes a mystery novel a mystery novel. Edwards gives us more than just the run of the mill mystery, however. Laced with romance, family themes, and discovery, N is a novel to be absorbed and pondered; not simply read and forgotten.

~Reviewed by CandaceK

A great romance and mystery
Louis Edwards has made a great piece of work with N, a Romantic Mystery. This book is wonderful for anyone who is looking for the story of an ambutious woman who tries to report a murder in the newspaper that she publishes, but finds that she falls for her lead source. During her investigation of the murder, she begins to suspect her new love and even her brother. I love this book and have added it to my collection. The story keeps you guessing right up to the end, when she discovers who really committed the murder.

The Boxcar Brigade: Saga of a Steam Locomotive Engineer 1890'S-1960's
Published in Hardcover by Mary Ellen Ester (1993)
Author: Mary E. Ester
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Courage and GUTS
This book is a must read for every man who wants to become or grow to be a stronger man of God. Dr. Cole focus's this book a bit to young men but it is never to late. He talks of Sex, Dating, being Godly men and being mature men. He focus's on being MEN OF INTEGRITY. I couldn't put this book down. I read it twice in four days. The first time just to read it, and the second to make notes and have read it a third time since. It helped me realize some faults in my thinking and methods. This book is INCREDIBLE!

Sydney: World-Class Jewel (Urban Tapestry Series)
Published in Hardcover by Towery Publications (1900)
Authors: John Laws and Towery Publishing
Amazon base price: $49.95
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A Gnostic Enlightener!
The book clearly goes to show that St. Martin is taking a gnostic stand when it comes to how he looks at this world, compared to the other world, or the material and the spiritual world. As he writes:

This world, where we believe we are, but are not. The other world, where we believe we are not, but where we actually are.

He goes on to describe the fallen state of both this world, and the fall of man, and the importance of work and methods of how to regain the primordial divine grace, how to be a Gods minister while on earth, etc.

For the sincere Martinist will I warmly recommend this book, it's probably one of his best works.


Paal E. Vevle

Night Music : Poems
Published in Paperback by Houghton Mifflin Co (17 February, 1999)
Author: L. E. Sissman
Amazon base price: $14.00
Used price: $13.22
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Where has this poet been all my life?
I'd never heard of the late L.E. Sissman till I went to a reading of poems from this book at Harvard. Peter Davison and John Updike reminisced about him and read his wonderful story-poems with zest and humor and real tenderness. Was there ever a poet who wrote about his youth with more manic joy, or about his own dying (from Hodgkin's disease) with more unblinking frankness? I doubt it, and I doubt that there is another poet of his generation (the sixties) who wrote with such immediate accessability--he's a poet every American dog or cat can understand and enjoy. What a find! Thank you Mr. Davison for bringing him back into print.

Pin-Up Poster Book: The Edward Runci Collection
Published in Paperback by Collectors Press (1997)
Authors: Charles G. Martignette, Charles G. Martinette, Edward Runci, Louis K. Meisel, and Ann Bennett
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $14.71
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I love to see the glamour girls of "older" Hollywood, the younger ones do not have IT

Dirty Dave
Published in School & Library Binding by Orchard Books (1990)
Authors: Nette Hilton and Roland Harvey
Amazon base price: $12.99
Used price: $2.19
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A Great Adept of the Western Mysterie Tradition
Louis Claude de Saint-Martin is the most great adept of the eighteenth's ocultism. He is the master of Eliphas Levi, Papus, Stanislas de Guaita and his doctrine originated the most pure andn sanct of the ocult schools, the Martinist Order.
A recomended lecture to all serious students of ocultism, particularly, Qabbalah.

The Unknown Philosopher: The Life of Louis Claude De St. Martin and the Substance of His Transcendental Doctrine
Published in Paperback by Kessinger Publishing Company (1997)
Author: Arthur Edward Waite
Amazon base price: $30.00
Used price: $25.00
Collectible price: $49.95
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In Light of Martinism-Best you can find
The book is an awesome biography of the Mystical life of Louise Claude de St. Martin. The author fully described the sequence of events of the life of this Unknown Philosopher. Excellent reference for the students in Martinism or traditional Martinist Order as well as a path in the search of Truth by modeling from the examples of the book.

The Wartime Papers of Robert E. Lee
Published in Paperback by DaCapo Press (1900)
Authors: Robet Edward Lee, Louis H. Manarin, and Robert Edward Lee
Amazon base price: $27.50
Used price: $10.00
Collectible price: $23.01
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An absolute joy!
What a thrill for students of the Confederacy! "Marse Robert's" own words come to life in his letters and dispatches of the war years! The editors do a masterful job of beginning each chapter/section with a framing sequence, followed by the respective text of key "papers" written by Genl Lee. From simplistic "love-letters" to his wife, to stratagems dispatched to Jackson, Johnston, Ewell, et. al., the reader is given first hand insights to the personality and thought-processes of the CSA's dominant figure.
On a structural note, the book is set in somewhat small print. A handful of maps are offered. At 900-plus pages, I'd suggest this book for (obviously!) serious students of the war or Genl Lee. Perhaps one should first digest on of the many biographies of R. E. Lee before attacking this Bible-sized epic.

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