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Inside Washington and Tokyo: A Business Guide to U.S. and Japanese Government Assistance
Published in Paperback by Venture Publishing, North America (1993)
Authors: William A. Delphos, Alan J. Beard, and Jennifer L. Smith
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $14.99
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A vivid story about the treatment of blacks in the 50s/60s
This book raised many emotions for me: anger, sadness, and loathing of ignorance and arrogance to name a few. I was surprised by the reviews of Junius Edwards' contemporaries which were contained in the back of the book. It was pretty much panned in its day - an epitaph to the race relations of the time.

Videodiscs (The Instructional Media Library ; V. No. 16)
Published in Hardcover by Educational Technology Publications (1981)
Authors: Edward W. and Bennion, Junius L. Schneider and Junius L. Bennion
Amazon base price: $27.95
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A Summary of Videodisc Technology around 1980
Although published in 1981, this book was written in 1980, before the introduction of the RCA CED, and thus discusses the RCA system as one of several VideoDisc formats soon to be available. Other systems discussed include TED, VHD, Thomson-CSF, and DiscoVision. A chapter on developing computer-controlled, interactive VideoDiscs is also included.

Backup Goalie (Angel Park Soccer Stars, No. 5)
Published in Paperback by Random House (Merchandising) (1992)
Authors: Dean Hughes and Dennis Lyall
Amazon base price: $2.99
Used price: $20.95
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