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The Wildcats of Exeter: Volume VIII of the Domesday Books (Marston, Edward. Domesday Books, V. 8,)
Published in Hardcover by St. Martin's Minotaur (2001)
Author: Edward Marston
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Great mystery in a truly important time period
King William (the conqueror)'s royal commission visits Exeter to resolve property ownership disputes but their arrival is marred by the death by murder of one of the claimants. Baron Nicholas Picard had cut a swath through the women of Exeter and few mourn his death, including his wife. Still, could one of them have overcome such a powerful knight?

Despite resistance from the local Sheriff, Lord Ralph Delchard and his associates investigate both the murder and the property dispute. Each of the five claimants is convinced of the justice of their case. Each had good reason to wish Picard dead (including his unloved wife). Still, three women, an ancient Saxon, and a priest seem unlikely murderers.

Edward Marston does a fine job describing a fascinating time period when Norman rule was still new and still rode like a boot on the Saxon throat. His use of Brother Simon to provide comic relief works effectively to balance the narative and give moments of respite between the investigation. I would have liked to see a more fully developed character in Golde, Lord Ralph Delchard's wife, but otherwise find little to criticize in this fine historical mystery.

Terrific whodunit set in 13th Century England. It took me a few chapters to settle into the rhythm of the novel, but once you're tuned in its great stuff. When a rich lord is killed on the way home from a trip to the city of Exeter to visit his mistress, a flock of claimants step forward to claim his lands. Ralph Dechard and his colorful colleagues represent the King to adjudicate the claims. Sex, violence and greed are the order of the day. As the tale unfolds, the "clues" point to several different possible villains in turn, but finally come together to reveal the true killer. This is the first of the series that I have read, but I will undoubtedly circle back to read the rest.

reat medieval mystery
Twenty years have passed since William conquered England. The Conqueror is sending forth secular people and churchmen to adjudicate land disputes and collect taxes. Norman and Saxon alike detest these individuals, but with William's backing, they accomplish their tasks. On numerous occasions, the adjudicators must solve murders to determine who owns disputed property. While William's dispute resolution administrators ride to Exeter, someone murders Nicholas Picard, a claimant in a large land quarrel.

The local sheriff insists robbers killed Nicholas, but Ralph Delchard and Gervaise Bret believe the homicide is tied to the land dispute. Each claimant to it, including the non-grieving widow, the mistress, the former landowner, and even the local church abbott had plenty to gain with the removal of Nicholas. Matters turn ugly when one of the administrators, Hervey de Maurighy disappears. William's men want to insure justice occurs even if it means risking their lives to insure it happens.

Volume eight of the Doomsday Books is a finely executed, well-drawn medieval mystery because of the myriad of viable suspects with obvious motives, means, and opportunities. Thus, readers will never guess the identity of the killer with any certainty. Edward Marston paints a tapestry that vividly brings the late eleventh century into full perspective as the monarch's administrator enforce regal policy even to the detriment of a powerful noble. Fans of historical mysteries will take pleasure in THE WILDCATS OF EXETER and search for the previous Doomsday tales.

Harriet Klausner

Chic SImple Dress Smart for Women: Wardrobes that Win in the Workplace
Published in Hardcover by Warner Books (30 September, 2002)
Authors: Kim Johnson Gross, Jeff Stone, Kristina Zimbalist, and David Bashaw
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From Fairy Tale to Reality
Like most girls, I was raised to believe in fairy tales and that, deep inside, I really was a royal princess. It's the most cherished dream of girlhood and Wallis Warfield Simpson bought into that dream in a way that had a profound impact on the history of the British monarchy. The story of Edward VIII and Wallis has been officially portrayed along those fairy tale lines. But it's tough to grow up and realize that fairies don't exist, and that the Windsors were Nazi sympathizers not fit to sit on the throne of England. Still, I find the truth more satisfying than the official fiction because it makes sense of history. The morganatic solution had been done before; why not in the case of Edward VIII? It makes more sense that Wallis was the excuse, not the real reason, behind the abdication. John Parker provides convincing evidence in an easy-to-read history of both the Windsors and their social set. I found it hard to put this book down.

Honor Bound
Published in Hardcover by Putnam Pub Group (1994)
Author: W. E. B. Griffin
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A love like no other from Evans Munyemesha
King Edward Viii was one in a million in that he never masked his weakness for human feelings by manipulating the people he he was king over. He chose a path that would make him all too human---and happy too!

A Historical Guide to Langston Hughes (Historical Guides to American Authors)
Published in Hardcover by Oxford University Press (2003)
Author: Steven C. Tracy
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A thoughtful tribute to an extraordinary couple
Ralph Martin, also the author of a biography of Lady Randolph Churchill, among other subjects, weaves a beautiful portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in "The Woman He Loved". This book is an absolute must read for anyone interested in the lives of the Windsors. Martin extols the strength of character and the genuine interest in the people around her that made the Duchess such an incredible woman - he does this without telling a lopsided story - we see the faults and downfalls of both the Duke and Duchess, but the author's skilled writing enables such flaws to humanize the Windsors, when most writings of them serve only to add to the myths surrounding the couple. "The Woman He Loved" successfully gives a thorough portrait of the life of Wallis Windsor without resorting to unsubstantiated gossip to fill the pages. The reader will come away from the book knowing a great amount about the private life of the Duchess, both before and after the Duke, and a good historical context of the times and circumstances in which she lived. A beautiful book that is well worth the time to read and re-read.

1936 as recorded by the Spectator
Published in Unknown Binding by M. Joseph ()
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Battle Royal: Edward VIII and George VI - Brother Against Brother
Published in Hardcover by Constable and Company Ltd (22 February, 1999)
Author: Kirsty McLeod
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How to Improve your Mind
Published in Paperback by Cambridge Univ Pr (Pap Txt) (1987)
Author: Andrew Wright
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Strangers in a Strange Land: Escape to Neutrality
Published in Paperback by Squadron/Signal Pubns (1992)
Authors: Hans-Heiri Stapfer, Gino Kunzle, and Publications Squadronnsignal
Amazon base price: $12.95
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The Collected Works of Edward Sapir VIII: Takelma Texts and Grammar (Collected Works of Edward Sapir)
Published in Hardcover by Mouton de Gruyter (1990)
Authors: Victor Golla and Edward Sapir
Amazon base price: $175.60
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Edward VIII
Published in Paperback by Futura Publications ()
Author: Frances Donaldson
Amazon base price: $
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