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U-Boats Against Canada: German Submarines in Canadian Waters
Published in Paperback by McGill-Queens University Press (1990)
Author: Michael L. Hadley
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Destined to be a Classic
This book is a real treasure trove of information by the world's leaders in the different areas it covers. It's humble title belies the rich lode of distilled wisdom it's editors have brought together. If your goal is to have a handy, easily accessible source for information on mind-body approaches to a plethora of different diagnostic categories, this book is the most authoritative source I've ever seen. It has a wealth of information on mind body, biofeedback, applied psychophysiology, self regulation and hypnosis approaches. While there are other, less current books available covering similar ground, this one does it in a practical, economical manner, timewise, getting to the point. covering the bases soyou are not developing a relationship with the book-- just getting the info you need to do your job or better understand how to more effectively and appropriately make referrals.
As the current public information officer for the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, with 30+ years in the field, I consider myself an expert on who's who in the field. And this is one book that is full of the very best experts in their very specific areas.

Macon County Jail
Published in DVD by New Concorde Home Video 2 (21 January, 2003)
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This book is for everyone
Knox's fine Classical Literature really deserves four and a half stars; I just can't figure out how to put on that extra half a star. Truly, this is a superb piece of editing-- Knox has chosen wisely , including well-known classical works, Homer, Aeschylus, Euripides, as well as more obscure works. The book runs the whole gamut of Greek and Roman literature, giving a tantalizing taste of each. Often the lesser-known works are the most interesting. I was fascinated. Knox also gives details about the lives and times of the authors that are interesting and engaging. Also, I appreciated Knox's interest in providing the most reader-friendly versions of the pieces. Sometimes he alternates translators to show how different people have read the great works, and in some cases, Propertius in particular, he offers great literary translations (such as one by Ezra Pound) alongside a more faithful translation. There is so much to say for this book. You will want to read more. There is one cause for frustration though, and that is in Knox's approach to giving liner notes. He gives all notes up-front in the introduction to each piece where a footnote or endnote might have been more convenient to the reader-- they must go back to the intro if they've forgotten what something meant. Other than smoe confusion with editorial notes, this book is wonderful and well worth your time.

A Great Buy And A Wonderful Resource
This anthology stands head and shoulders above the competition, such as the Portable Greek and Roman readers for a number of reasons, not the least of which are the fresh, modern translations of these very well-chosen ancient works. Others include its size (ca. 850 large pages) and high quality as a book, and, of course, its contents, which range from Homer to Augustine.

About 2/3 of the volume is devoted to Greek literature, with about 200 pages of that being Homer and Hesiod. Early poets are well represented from Sappho to the obscure. A complete translation of "Antigone" is included, as well as a generous sampling of other plays by Aechylus, Euripides, etc. Herodotus, Thucidides, Plato, Aristotle and many little known Hellenistic items appear. From Rome, Vergil, Lucretius, Marcus Aurelius, and various poetic and theatrical works.

The book does leave you wanting more. Fortunately, after reading this, you will have a much better idea about what you want more of!

Best of its kind - good selections, informative comments
A wide-ranging and cunningly chosen set of texts and translations and a generous set of elegantly written introductions make this a first-rate anthology. I am not very widely read in the classics, but I showed the book to a friend who is, and he was delighted to find many selections with which he was unfamiliar. Reading this book made we want to run out and get another whole shelf-full of complete works.

Published in VHS Tape by Warner Home Video (13 June, 1995)
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surprise package
saw this on tv recently on one of those too hot to sleep nights. it was surprisingly good - poignant, thoughtful and curiously saddening. the main protagonists realise their situation but one is strong enough to act on his convictions while the other is not. stewart's sheriff walks a fine line between confrontation and appeasement and although it is played as a choice between right and wrong, it is seldom that clear cut. the film takes a dramatic turn in tone as the true nature of the town's character is revealed.

The main message I want to convey here is: Don't listen to the negative comments that so many books and critics throw at this film. This movie is filled with character and heart. I don't claim to be any kind of critic, but I DO KNOW THAT THIS IS THE BEST WESTERN EVER LAID DOWN ON FILM. If you don't like this movie, YOU SIMPLY JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. The acting in this BLOWS AWAY ANYTHING THAT WAS MADE PAST THE YEAR OF 1972. (although this film is earlier than that). GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Intriguing story
For someone who hates Westerns, this movie had me fixated. Stewart and Fonda can be counted on for excellent performances--Firecreek is no exception--but what impressed me most was the solid script. I did not find the movie by any definition overlong or 'unrelentingly downbeat.' A well-crafted, well-acted and thoughtful film.

Datsun/Nissan Stanza to 1982
Published in Paperback by Peter Russek Publications (1982)
Author: Peter Russek
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