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Beginning with the PreSocratics
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages (14 July, 1999)
Author: Merrill Ring
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This book does not help with passing exam
I just took the exam after studying the entire book and I failed. The questions in the actual exam are "case study" style but the included sample test (on cd) looked nothing like it. The book is very general, contains reams of extraneous information and does not focus on the material on the test. I wish I could return it.

Book doesn't help you pass the exam
This book presents a very luxurious and impractical software development methodology. No software project, no matter how large, could possibly follow their advice with any degree of fidelity. The book is very fluffy, repetitive, and inefficient, and it says almost nothing about .NET. It is basically a feel-good grab bag of techniques. Don't spend [money]on this book.

The book had very little connection to the actual exam. The exam was a set of scenarios with questions afterward. The questions weren't that difficult, but many of the scenarios were too fuzzy, or the questions had fuzzy answers, with a "choose all that apply" format. This was not an objective test. Passing is largely a matter of luck. The predecessor to this exam (70-100) was much more objective.

And of course, Microsoft doesn't tell you your score at the end, only whether you pass, so you don't know how much more studying you have to do for next time. ...

not bad, but ...................
A few words based on what I saw (not what I dreamed?). The book seems to cover the bases, but my experience with the MS Press 70-100 book coaxed me into delaying making a purchase decision. Glad I did. Since I first saw this book, the Exam Cram book on the 70-300 exam has hit the street. It has much more interaction with the reader. There are sample case studies and questions that are formatted just like those on the exam. The Exam Cram book was more like an augmented Transcender practice test. Plus (I think its a plus - I haven't finished the book yet), the Cram book is a faster read.

I'm sure personal preference will cause both books to have a good readership, but wanted to add my 10 cents.

Uncertain Belief: Is It Rational to Be a Christian?
Published in Paperback by Oxford University Press (2000)
Author: David J. Bartholomew
Amazon base price: $37.00
Used price: $6.00
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Wealth and the Power of Wealth in Classical Athens (Monographs in Classical Studies)
Published in Hardcover by Ayer Co Pub (1981)
Author: John Kenyon Davies
Amazon base price: $24.50
Used price: $18.76
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