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Step Farther Out
Published in Paperback by Ace Books (1983)
Author: Jerry Pournelle
Amazon base price: $3.50
Used price: $11.09
Buy one from zShops for: $11.04
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This is a nice journal but no where in it's description did I see that it is not real leather! It is cardboard made to look like leather! It is well made, It looks like leather until you pick it up. There is also a magnetized flap to keep it closed, which makes it seem kind of cheap.

Wonderful Journal
If you are expecting real leather for [this money] (think about it) find something else. But if you're looking for an economical journal that looks great, try this. For a cardstock journal this is one of the best I've seen. It looks great. A flap from the back folds around to attach to the front cover to protect it. For the price this is an excellent value. The pages are lightly ruled as most journals.

Great journals!
I saw these in a local bookstore and picked them up-- the magnetic flap is unobtrusive and handy, and the books are just beautiful.

For those thinking this is "old leather" take a look at the price and think again. You'd pay easily 5 times this for real leather. If you're looking for an inexpensive, charmingly rustic looking journal that will take a bit of a beating and still look good, try this one out.

Lord Rivington's Lady (Regency Romance)
Published in Paperback by New American Library (1985)
Author: Eileen Jackson
Amazon base price: $2.50
Used price: $0.75
Collectible price: $0.98
Average review score:
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History the Betrayer: A Study in Bias
Published in Hardcover by Greenwood Publishing Group (1975)
Author: Edward Herbert Dance
Amazon base price: $60.00
Used price: $47.95
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