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The Global Resume and CV Guide
Published in Paperback by John Wiley & Sons (2000)
Author: Mary Anne Thompson
Amazon base price: $12.57
List price: $17.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $6.99
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Lizzies Soccer Showdown Rav'ing Review
This is a wonderfull book especially for girls how don't like the way girls are being treated when asking to play on boys sports teams! I love this book!

My Life and the Beautiful Game: The Autobiography of Pele
Published in Mass Market Paperback by ER HORIZON (1977)
Authors: Pele and Robert L. Fish
Amazon base price: $12.99
Used price: $6.95
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world best player pele


My name is Jairo Torres, I read your book about the super star Pele', I live in Torrance on California, I was born in Mexico I'm a big fan of Pele, when I so your book I said that book has to main and after reading the book it just tell about when he was a star not when he was beginning to play, like his first club that he had play for like two years and after those year's he went to play with the bigger club's. Santos was his first pay job that he had, after playing for that club the team of his country wish was Brazil was interested on him they took he to play a world cup with other countries.
I have seen the movie about his life and the book is almost teal's all what the movie show, but I think that you mist wear and with ho he started plying most of the time some of them wear with his chill friends just out of his home. He maid a lot of History because he was the only player that stared playing sense he was fifteen year's old he was discover by a coach that had been washing hem from some years. When he was seventeen he had play his first world cup and he was the star of that tournament wear only the best country of the world play, after those games he was known for the King of soccer even that he was famous he was ask to play for some events, he use to pay like five games a week for a player this day two games a week is a lot but for Pele' was not that many but has he got older the injuries stared happening for him he had a lot of problems with his knee and with his muscles. But after many years of playing soccer he had to retayer and he was name has the King of soccer and he is the King and he will be the only soccer player that had score 1,262 goal's.

Excellent Book
After reading some of the reviews posted online here, especially the ones that claimed the book had nothing in it about Pele's childhood and days before stardom, I bought this book. to my surprise this book starts with great detail from when Pele was born, it seems every single detail about his childhood, school, first club, everything is logged in. one may wonder whether a diary was kept, to give such accurate detail.
i am only 21 years old, but i get the feeling this will be one of the best books i will ever read.
The writting itself is fantastic, it is written in narrative form. (I, me, as though Pele is talking to us via the book) and i think thats what makes this book so good, reading what Pele has to say in his own words. I highly recomend this book it has Pele's history, everything, his humility, his love for the beautiful game.....just wonderful.

This is a wonderful book about Pele's career and life; how from the "barrios" of Brazil to the greatest sporting stage in the world, the World Cup, Pele earned the title of the greatest soccer player of all time. The book covers Pele's triumphs as a 17 year old in the 1958 final to his dismay in 1966 and the grand finale victory in 1970. This is a well written thorough book that I purchased and read in 1977 but subsequently lost. I am happy to be purchasing it again today, to read, enjoy and share it with my children.

WWF No Mercy: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Published in Paperback by Prima Publishing (15 November, 2000)
Authors: Eric Lionel Pratte, Prima, Fujiko Pratte, Prima Temp Authors, and Prima Temp Authors
Amazon base price: $14.99
Used price: $2.39
Collectible price: $7.95
Buy one from zShops for: $4.49
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Still looking for the strategy in the strategy guide.
Okay, let me tell you straight up. I own the game and it is worthy of 5 stars. I will sit and play for hours wondering where the time went. The manual included with the game is somewhat vague however in many of the games features and areas, so I had decided to buy the Strategy Guide by Prima.

The strong points of the Strategy Guide are as follows: 1) Yes, it does offer you a complete list of all the WWF Superstars (even the hidden ones) in great color and a complete list of all their moves along with their 'specials', and 2) Interesting factoids on each Superstar, kinda like some trivia on each.

HOWEVER, there is very little strategy (if any) discussed in this guide. The first 4 pages tells you about the type of matches and what you can select, but never once offers advice on which wrestler is suited for which type of match. There is NO advice on successful tips to win a cage or ladder match. The advice that is given is either common sense or spelled out clearly in the original game manual, so there is nothing new gained by the purchase of this guide.

I thought the most interesting quote on the back cover of the guide was: "Learn how to get the most for your buck at the Smackdown Mall". I challenge anyone out there to tell me what page, if any page actually discusses one iota of strategy at the Smackdown Mall. The best info it gives is that you can buy weapons, hidden characters and moves. Well, no kidding!! That is not what I call strategy.

If you want to know the moves of a Superstar, then this is the book.

If you want a book that discusses which wrestler is more apt to perform better against a rival, how to distribute skill points, how to earn more money, how to recover energy and save stamina, how to avoid certain angles (based on decisions you make, or whether you win or lose a match), how to use weapons effectively, how to be successful in a ladder or cage match, how to maximize your wins in a tag team match, how to perform cheats (I know, not really a strategy), how many matches are needed to win a specific belt, etc...then THIS IS NOT THE BOOK!! Save your (money).

WWF No Mercy's Prima Guide is an excellent tool
The combination of WWF No Mercy and Prima's stratagy guide is a sure-fire way of success in WWF No Mercy even for begginners or experts. Anyone will be able to find everything they want about the WWF's newest WWF N64 video game No Mercy which I haven't reviewed yet is still five stars on my list. Prima's guide tells you everything you could possibly want you to know including the basic buttons to press and how to properly use the features and also make the game work for you.

Prima's No Mercy guide shows you in addition to everything else a one-page guide to every single wrestler that it is possible to use and its moves and a mini-bio about them. For example I have just gone through lots of stress trying to unlock Andre the Giant and finally I have and I have to do his bodyslam. To learn how to do it turn to his page in the guide and look for the move bodyslam and use theasy instructions and then I'll know how to do it and this feature is compatable with every wrestle laoded by the WWF into the game including ones you get with unlocking or buying them.

I definatly reccommend buying this stratagy guide if you have WWF No Mercy for NG4 and you shouldn't play with out it by your side.

Got the game, now get the guide!
Didn't get wrestlemania 2000, but got no mercy and don't know the controls or any moves well it's your lucky day! Now you can have the official WWF No Mercy stradegy guide. With just about 130 pages you would know all of the wrestlers finishers, taunts, etc. You would tips on how to win ladder matches, cage matches, survival mode and even some tips about the championship mode. Now that you have the game, get the guide so you can really reek havoc on the rest of the federation!

Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 24 Hours
Published in Paperback by Sams (27 August, 2001)
Authors: Joe Martin, Brett Tomson, Joseph Martin, and Brett Thomson
Amazon base price: $20.99
List price: $29.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $2.79
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Too many Typos and Errors to learn ASP.NET
I am totally disappointed in this book. I was very anxious to learn ASP.NET and I wanted to find an inexpensive book to help me get started, but the only thing this book did was frustrate me with horrible examples. Almost every single example in the book contained an error. Very disappointing.

OK for beginners, too many typos
The overall coverage was OK for developers looking to get a glimpse of what ASP.NET is about. However, the publishing of the book was rushed and filled with typos. I downloaded the source code from the Sams web site to attempt to follow along with the examples in the book only to be disappointed with code that did not follow the examples in the book. Even with the typos and inconsistent downloaded code, the book gave me a general understanding of what ASP.NET was about. My next step is to purchase an ASP.NET book from Wrox.

Good Beginner Intro
This book has a few typos but if you can overlook those it is full of excellent examples for a beginner learning how to use ASP.Net.

I liked it because the examples are complete, while there are at times better ways to do many of the processes that are featured the examples are written in a manner that assures you grasp the concept behind the process. For example on Web Form Server controls it shows the progression of converting an HTML form to a server controlled form handling the button click in the code behind then it goes on to show you how you would dynamically create that form with tr, td objects in the code behind.

The book covers a lot of beginner information...server controls, validation, security, reading and writing text & binary files, email, debugging... pretty much all of the stuff you would use in a real world implementation of a conversion to ASP.Net. It even covers installation of a security certificate (which is not ASP.Net specific but very handy for beginners nonetheless).

I think it is a very comprehensive beginners book and should be considered for anyone just starting out in ASP.Net. The book also gives some good information on getting your Visual Studio.Net set up and all of the examples are stepped through with the assumption that you are using VSNet for development.

My favorite book is the ASP.NET Unleashed so I suggest you consider them both as you will work your way through this book quickly...

Children of the Dragonfly: Native American Voices on Child Custody and Education
Published in Paperback by University of Arizona Press (2001)
Authors: Robert Bensen, Robert Benson, and Carter Revard
Amazon base price: $13.97
List price: $19.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $3.30
Collectible price: $10.59
Buy one from zShops for: $9.95
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