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The New Knowledge Management: Complexity, Learning, and Sustainable Innovation
Published in Paperback by Butterworth-Heinemann (2002)
Author: Mark W. McElroy
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Comments of book "The New Knowledge Management"
The book "The New Knowledge Management" addresses some very intriguing concepts and provides some innovative thinking in the knowledge management area. It shows how the fundamental concepts of organization learning, innovation, social innovation capital, and complex adaptive systems are related to knowledge management. The author introduces the reader to the idea of "second -generation knowledge management" which is used as a framework to relate the above concepts to knowledge management. "Second-generation knowledge management is more inclusive of people, process, and social initiatives than "first-generation knowledge management". The book provides some unique insights and organizations approaches to sustain innovation. These insights are the first of its kind and have far reaching implications to how we should manage organizations. The book is very thought provoking and a must read for people interested in theory and practical implications. I am currently using it as one of my text in teaching a graduate course in knowledge management.

The "next generation" of Knowledge Management is here!
In this wonderful little book, Mark McElroy begins to do for Knowledge Management what Peter Senge did for Organizational Learning: He connects deep theory with cogent practice, bringing the entire discipline to a new level. The book is a carefully designed compendium of Mark's leading-edge thinking over the past several years. In it he lays out the foundations for the next generation - "demand-side" - Knowledge Management, which enhances individuals capacity to produce knowledge, rather than simply use what's already there. By integrating a unique approach to complexity science with insights from organizational learning, he develops a model of "sustainable innovation" which is based on a broader theoretical framework of Social Innovation Capital (SIC). His SIC framework generates a core insight - the Policy Synchronization Method - a theory-based yet practical method for creating the conditions that support innovation in the long term. His writing is as useful as his modeling, for he constantly grounds his thinking into concrete and highly applicable suggestions that can be utilized in a wide range of contexts. Near the end of the book he shows the economic returns on investment from his second-generation KM, and concludes with a "presentation" that can be used to help make the case for these ideas in formal and informal settings. As a professor of entrepreneurship and management at a business school, and a 20-year student of complexity science, I am a true fan of Mark McElroy, and I am excited by this book and the ones soon to follow.

People and Empires in African History: Essays in Memory of Michael Crowder
Published in Hardcover by Longman Group United Kingdom (1992)
Authors: J.F. Ade Ajayi, J.D.Y. Peel, and J. F. Adeajayi
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Just do ti: the Nike spirit in the corporate world
The book had some intresting facts, but it was just too boring. The book kept on explaining the same things over and over again. At the same time though I learned some new things.

Just Do It: A Little One-Sided
While I found Just Do It an interesting, well-written book, the book was obviously partial to Nike and Phil Knight. After reading this book, I was unsure if I could take the Nike Company at face value. Katz glosses over the issue of Nike's sweatshops, a topic which I was very interested in, and hoped to learn more about through this book. Nike is known for its powerful advertising, and Just Do It gave me many insights to the great extent that Nike goes to in making the perfect commercial.

The Mystique Behind the Nike Culture
Just Do It digs under the skin of the Nike corporation and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the company that has grown to be the number one shoe marketer in the U.S. The author details every aspect from Nike's involvement in the Dream Team awards ceremony fiasco in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona to the sweat shops of Asia where the shoes are actually produced. The author taps into the psyche behind what Nike is about and what makes a typical Nike employee: love of sports combined with a rebellious, headstrong nature to think outside the box. For example, one prospective employee with a PhD and a law degree was dismissed by the selection committee for not knowing who Deion Sanders was. The book opens with the 1993 retirement of Michael Jordan and ends with some "small" layoffs by Nike in September of the same year and the effects that the layoffs have on chairman, Phil Knight. The prose is well-chosen and the reader is shown the business side of superstars such as Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan that you won't find in Sports Illustrated. There are two minor weaknesses to Just Do It. There is definitely an inevitable pro-Phil Knight slant to everthing written. Also, an extraordinary amount of pages are devoted strictly to the quagmire that is the Asian economy. The author may find this topic interesting, but the average reader won't and it strayed from the central theme of Nike's corporate culture.

The Cambridge History of Africa: Volume 8, From c.1940 to c.1975
Published in Hardcover by Cambridge University Press (1985)
Author: Michael Crowder
Amazon base price: $230.00
Used price: $114.00
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Colonial West Africa: Collected Essays
Published in Hardcover by Frank Cass & Co (1978)
Author: Michael Crowder
Amazon base price: $39.50
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Education for Development
Published in Hardcover by Macmillan Education (11 June, 1985)
Author: Michael Crowder
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The Flogging of Phinehas McIntosh: A Tale of Colonial Folly and Injustice: Bechuanaland 1933
Published in Hardcover by Yale Univ Pr (1988)
Author: Michael Crowder
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History of West Africa
Published in Hardcover by Longman Science & Technology (1985)
Authors: J. F. Ade Ajayi and Michael Crowder
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No Featherbed to Heaven: A Biography of Michael Wigglesworth, 1631-1705
Published in Textbook Binding by Michigan State Univ Pr (1961)
Author: Richard Crowder
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Phosphatases in Cell Metabolism and Signal Transduction: Structure, Function and Mechanism of Action (Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit)
Published in Hardcover by R G Landes Co (1995)
Authors: John B. Vincent and Michael W. Crowder
Amazon base price: $79.00
Used price: $12.50
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Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival
Published in Paperback by Berkley Pub Group (1989)
Authors: Tom, Jr. Brown, Heather Bolyn, and Brandt Morgan
Amazon base price: $11.20
List price: $14.00 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $8.95
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