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The Healing Arts: Exploring the Medical Ways of the World
Published in Paperback by Summit Books (1987)
Authors: Ted Kaptchuk and Michael Croucher
Amazon base price: $7.95
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Imagining Dream Rounds and Reliving Great Golf Shots!
Summary: This 5th edition of The World Atlas of Golf belongs in the library of every golfer who wants to appreciate more of the game's rich history . . . and have a Walter Mittyish look at courses that will probably never be seen in person. Over 70 courses get the deluxe treatment of looking at the course layout, the score card, and an in-depth evaluation of the most famous holes. Thorough essays recount the history of the course, including the most memorable golf moments there. Beautiful color photographs capture the holes, and famous historic shots share the winning and losing. Afficionados will appreciate the pin-point descriptions of how to play the world's most demanding holes. The book also boasts a brief gazetteer of over 100 courses providing a one-third page thumbnail sketch of their layout and history. The book also boasts excellent, brief essays on the development of golf course design.

Review: This book will appeal to those who have played these wonderful courses and want to relive the experience, those who wish to know more about the rich history of the world's most challenging holes, and those who are curious about why golfers everywhere rave about certain holes and courses. The material is so rich and detailed that any golf fan could happily spend days with this book and just scratch its surface. A fan could easily extend enjoyment of the book by getting videos of famous championships to see the live action that is captured here in photographs and essays.

The courses are selected from around the world, but are primarily from Europe and the United States. Reflecting the game's heritage, the courses examined start with those in Scotland and proceed from there throughout the British Isles and Eire. From there, you transfer to the European mainland. Next, you go the North America. Asia, Africa, and South America are your final stops.

Naturally, the courses include such standards as St. Andrews's Old Course, Royal Troon, Carnoustie, Royal Dornoch, Muirfield, Turnberry, Loch Lomond, Royal Liverpool, Royal Birkdale, Ballybunion, Valderrama, Shinnecock Hills, Augusta National, Cypress Point, Pebble Beach, Oakmont, Baltusrol, The Country Club, Olympic, Winged Foot, Pinehurst No. 2, Seminole, Merion, Pine Valley, Medinah, Oakland Hills, Dorado Beach and the Mid Ocean in Bermuda. But you will also get exposed to courses that you may not know as well like Sotogrande in Spain and Banff in Canada.

As an example of the hole-by-hole analysis, the book early on looks at the famous 17th on the Old Course at St. Andrews. A hotel cuts off the right side of the hole of this tough par four, also referred to as the Road Hole. In 1995, John Daly won the British Open there in part by hitting a tremendous drive around the hotel and into the fairway. He was able to hit onto the green from there with a 7 iron. The book shows the outline of the hotel, where Daly's ball went, and where most players shoot. Naturally, this looks easy on paper. When I tried the same thing with my drive, my ball went just a bit too far right and disappeared into an area near the foundation of the hotel, out of bounds. I came away much more impressed with Daly's feat.

With the knowledge this atlas can give you, you will find yourself able to take on challenges that great golfers have lived up to before you. You may not match them (and probably won't), but you will enjoy the feeling of trying on the challenging swings of the greats. It'll be a great thrill when you do!

After you finish enjoying this book a few times, think about where else in life you would enjoy reliving great moments of those who have gone before. How can you use those experiences to inspire you to try more, accomplish more, and have more fulfillment in everything you do?

"Take dead aim."

Beyond Rational Management : Mastering the Paradoxes and Competing Demands of High Performance
Published in Paperback by Jossey-Bass (1991)
Author: Robert E. Quinn
Amazon base price: $32.00
Used price: $44.00
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wrong reviews
This is a fine book for anyone's martial arts collection, however I already owned a copy. The reviews from publishers and other customers are actually for "The Fighter's Notebook", a great resource for buyers interested in a purchase they can actually learn mixed-martial art techniques from. I hope the current wrong reviews are corrected and were an honest mistake.

Invaluable reference material
Not really a book but rather a no nonsense reference of mostly BJJ techniques (typically demonstrated JKD style with T-shirts and wresstling boots). Techniques are numerous, more than any other. Basically a big ring binder. I find it usefully to fill in the areas which I haven't been able to cover with my instructor until I get there. In other words, it gives you the theory and when you get the practice you jot down your own notes as per your inclass practical.

Best of the Dave Matthews Band for Drums
Published in Paperback by Cherry Lane Music Company (2001)
Author: Carter Beauford
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $2.61
Collectible price: $15.00
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Book of the TV series
The Way of The Warrior series was first shown on BBC2 in the UK. This is the book of the series, a very good accompanyment is more of a synopsis that an in depth study of each art.

If you are interested in Martial Arts the book gives you a broad picture of what arts there are and how they became what they are today.

A must for the bookshelf.

The Way of the Warrior: The Paradox of the Martial Arts
Published in Paperback by Overlook Press (1995)
Authors: Howard Reid and Michael Croucher
Amazon base price: $16.77
List price: $23.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $2.00
Collectible price: $12.80
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if you find another book in the subject don't get this one
This book is ok. It was recommended by somebody when I was wondering how to choose a martial art to practice. I wish there was a better book on the subject. The video it's based upon was shown on the discovery channel a month ago. And that was awesome!! But the book fails to deliver. It's a book made after a movie. So it doesn't capture the attention as well as the movie does. It might have all the information there, but it's pretty tiring looking for them.

Need to check facts
After searching unsuccessfully for the critically acclaimed BBC Documentary I pluncked down my $11 and bought a used copy of this book.
Basically, I can only comment on the Chapters regarding Chinese and Okinawan Arts. All I can say is the pictures are matched incorrectly with the text and many statements(now common knowledge) are totally wrong. I guess for the time it was written it was ground breaking.
I would still rather have the video.

One of the Best
Excellent book based on the BBC documentary series. It covers the asian martial arts in a professional fashion instead of the silly fashion seen in so many martial arts magazines and books which lack any sort of scholarship. My favorites were the coverage of the Indian martial arts: Kalari Payit and the traditional japanese swordmanship school, the Katori ryu. Excellent book period.

Healing Arts: A Journey Through the Faces of Medicine
Published in Paperback by London Bridge (01 January, 1986)
Authors: Ted Kaptchuk and Michael Croucher
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $6.00
Collectible price: $8.47
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Would have put 0 stars but review will not accept
My name is Richard Davis. I am an original member of the Memphis Mafia. Apparently, Frank Coffey, has not researched the subject of Elvis Presley for this book. This book is full of falsehoods and a plethora of errors and every true Elvis fan will see through the book's inaccuracies from wrong dates to out and out lies. I am an authority on Elvis because I am an original member of the Memphis Mafia and have been since 1961. I am one of the only members who actually lived with Elvis at Graceland. I was his movie stand-in, one of his bodyguards, wardrobe manager and part of his "inner circle" of friends. If you enjoy reading fiction this book is for you!

Nice title.
Er, excuse me, but wouldn't ANY guide to Elvis have to be for the complete idiot?

I found this book to enjoyable,easy to read full of lots of information.It was worth the buy.

Fishing Atlantic Salmon: The Flies and the Patterns
Published in Hardcover by Stackpole Books (1996)
Authors: Joseph D., Jr Bates, Pamela Bates Richards, and Bob Warren
Amazon base price: $52.50
List price: $75.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $25.00
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The Diary of a Farmer's Wife 1796-1797
Published in Paperback by Penguin Books Ltd (29 October, 1992)
Authors: Anne Hughes, Adele Roberts, Frances Houghton, and Michael Croucher
Amazon base price: $
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The Healing Arts
Published in Hardcover by Summit Books (1987)
Authors: Ted Kaptchuk and Michael Croucher
Amazon base price: $17.45
Used price: $9.75
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Published in Paperback by Overlook Press (1995)
Authors: Sue Thomas and Michael Croucher
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $0.69
Collectible price: $7.41
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Way of the Warrior:Paradox of the Martial Arts: The Paradox of the Martial Arts
Published in Unknown Binding by Vintage/Ebury (A Division of Random House Group) (20 August, 1987)
Author: Reid and Michael Croucher Howard
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $8.73
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