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The Other Passenger
Published in Paperback by Ballantine Books (1961)
Author: John Keir Cross
Amazon base price: $1.95
Used price: $6.25
Collectible price: $7.97
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A Twilight Night Gallery of Disturbing Dreams
Read one story in this collection -- "Petronella Pan" -- and you will have something in your head that will never come out, no matter how much squeaky-clean Stephen King you scour with later on. Nothing will save you from revisiting that final image again and again whenever you attend a funeral... or a baby contest.

And what of "The Glass Eye", "Hands", "The Lovers", "Clair de Lune", "Amateur Gardening" and all the other little nightmares in this 1946 collection?

Take care, for you travel with John Keir Cross' "The Other Passenger" at your own risk.

Best Horror Stories
Published in Hardcover by Bdd Promotional Book Co (1990)
Author: John Keir Cross
Amazon base price: $7.98
Used price: $2.70
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