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How to Worship Jesus Christ
Published in Paperback by Moody Publishers (1991)
Authors: Joseph S. Carroll and John F. MacArthur
Amazon base price: $8.99
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Life Changing
I can only name a handfull of books that have changed my life. This would be one of them. How to Worship Jesus Christ will get you excited about worshipping Jesus and you will find yourself having a hard time waiting to spend eternity with Him. It is a book that should be read at least once a year. It is a short easy read, yet profound. Jesus is the focal point of all Scripture. Why not learn more on how to better worship Him.

A life changing gem of truth.
Brother Carroll outlines the biblical pattern of worship. It is so simple and the results are so profound. The book is simple to read and will hold your attention all the way through. It will bring you back to the priority of the christian life as Jesus intended it to be. If you are spiritually dry, if you feel you have lost your power in the daily life, I encourage you to read this book. It will renew the fountain of living water by seeking Jesus through the scriptural principles set forth.

excellent advice on how to enter into fuller worship of God
IF you desire a more meaningful Spirit filled life, this book is a must. Joseph Carroll teaches the fundamentals of worship from a pure heart. He also pinpoints trouble spots that maybe hindering your worship. This is one of the best Christian books that I have read on worship.

Calvary Bits: The Civil War Custer
Published in Hardcover by Amereon Ltd (1992)
Authors: Joseph M. Hanson and John m Carroll
Amazon base price: $38.95
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