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Ghostrider One
Published in Paperback by Pocket Books (1995)
Authors: Gerry Carroll, Gerald Carroll, and Paul McCarthy
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An Important Book
This is a good story, with a brisk pace, authentic action, and realistic characters. As a literary work it is probably only worth 3 and 1/2 stars, at best. But I think its real importance is in how it reflects the military's view of the war through the Tet offensive. Its importance becomes clear about when you compare the overall tone of the book towards the Vietnam war with Stephen Coonts' book Flight of the Intruder. The aviators in that book hold a very different attitude towards the war.

From what I learned during the late 70's and early 80's while working with Naval Officers, both books are authentic, especially in the attitudes reflected by the military. For people who want to understand the Vietnam war and the effect of the civilian leadership on the military during this time, I strongly encourage you to read both books.

The Best Book Ever for Airplane Drivers
If you've ever driven airplanes, and especially if you've done so 'in country' then I know how seldom you've been able to read a novel that comes even close to 'taking you back'. I've got some good news - an I got some bad news. The good news is that this particular book is but one of a trilogy. Beginning with "no place to hide" and ending with "North SAR" this book sets itsself between the two. It is incredible in both it's authenticity as well as the character development. The bad news is that Gerry died and there will be no more.

Thank you Sir.

I first read this book when I was sixteen and it was one the big things that helped me decide to join the military. It casts a great picture of what the Marines and Seamen had to go through during Vietnam.

North Sar
Published in Audio Cassette by Brilliance Audio (1992)
Authors: Gerry Carroll and Gerald Carroll
Amazon base price: $73.25
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A book that recalls the stress of rotorhead SAR
North SAR has refreshed for me the memory of the Navy and Marine Corps pilots who daily flew SAR duty off the coast of the RVN. LCDR Carroll's images of sweat-soaked pilots and crews, gorgeous expanses of green jungles and sparkling, reflective rice paddies, and the odor of jet fuel, and burned flesh are powerful for this former Navy doctor, who served on an LPH in the Northern I Corps in 1967. I appreciate Mr. Carroll's sharing of the sounds, sights and smells of Southeast Asia with us.The radio frequencies, procedures( click,click ) and call signs rang my bells. I am sad to learn of his passing. I would have have wanted to hear a bit more about Olongapo, Subic,Okinawa, and Clark from him. I have read the book twice since finding it, and will doubtless return to it. Peace, from me to you, Gerry Carroll, Mike Santy, Tim Boyle, Pete Wilson and Andy Fisher.

As a civilian pilot I always wondered what my father experienced as an A-7 pilot in Vietnam. This incredible book puts you right the cockpit. He doesn't assume your an idiot and skim over the techical details of the experience, rather he does an excellent job of explaining them in short but accurate words. I finally now understand what my dad was talking about when he'd shout "DEAD BUG" at the table. :)

A masterpiece by the man who had "been there, done that".
It is difficult to limit this to "content alone" as a part of myself was in this book as well as the two Gerry Carroll books which followed to complete the trilogy. I got the book directly from Gerry when he was at a book signing not far from his home in Southern Maryland. I'll not forget the pain it caused when I read of his untimely death on September 30, 1993. This young author and ex-Naval Aviator was able to express himself in ways that put the reader in the cockpit of the SAR helo, and make them feel the urgency of the mission. I flew SAR missions myself and could feel, smell and hear all the action so well written by Gerry Carroll. This first novel is only the beginning of an exciting adventure for the reader. The subsequent books do not lose any of that excitement, as so often happens with sequels.

Gerry is not forgotten here in Southern Maryland. We are proud to have known him, even briefly. At Christmas time one can drive by his house in the evening and see a replica of his SH-3A SAR helicopter, brightly decorated and lit, on the roof. He comes home for Christmas. Read this, and all of Gerry's books for a real good look at an area of Naval Aviation seldom visited; you'll not regret it, nor ever forget it.


No Place to Hide
Published in Audio Cassette by Blackstone Audiobooks (1995)
Authors: Gerry Carroll and Gerald Carroll
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Good Book for a Non-Vietnam Vet
I enjoyed this book a lot. It seemed to be well thought out with lots of interesting characters. The book has one flaw. The author is presented as a Vietnam vet. He is not. He was a Navy chopper pilot and performed a rescue in Grenada. Carroll never set foot in Vietnam. The impression that he was comes from Clancy's Foreward. Looks like old Tom got it wrong. I dont blame Mr. Carroll for not refuting this assertion since he died before this book hit the streets. Still, the record must be set straight......

My wife enjoyed this book as much as I did.
Of his three books, this was perhaps the best. He obviously had researched it well and put together a most exciting story line. About the author: Gerry saw combat with HC-7 during Viet Nam flying combat support from the decks of the CVA's deployed to the Tonkin Gulf. Their mission was search and rescue (SAR). They flew the "Big Mothers" off the coast of North Viet Nam primarily in support of strike operations from the carriers. He served his country proudly, with distinction and was most certainly a Vietnam veteran.

Master Rotorhead-the real thing!
Harrowing and authentic. These guys did the walk man. From the Mexicn Village to the air control conversations with the E2--Carroll wrote from experience.I don't think Clancy or Griffin, or for that matter, Dale Brown ever knew what it was to "cumshaw" a hand pump or adjust their "Gigline" From the A7 cat shoot to the emergency auto-ro in the huey it is all NATOPS. Refreshing to read good action adventure by a guy that knows. We are all the loosers from this multi-tallented mans early passing.

Creation, Christ & Credibility
Published in Paperback by Creative Pubns (1983)
Author: Gerry Carroll
Amazon base price: $5.95
Used price: $20.00
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Myth Makers and Storytellers: How to Unleash the Power of Myths, Stories and Metaphors to Understand the Past, Envisage the Future, and Create Lasti
Published in Paperback by Business & Professional Publishing (1999)
Authors: Michael Kaye and Gerry Carroll
Amazon base price: $29.95
Used price: $13.55
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North S*A*R: A Novel of Navy Combat Pilots in Vietnam
Published in Hardcover by Pocket Star (1991)
Authors: Gerry Carroll and Gerald Carroll
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