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Pilgrim's Progress in Today's English
Published in Library Binding by Yestermorrow Inc (1999)
Authors: John Bunyan and James H. Thomas
Amazon base price: $23.95
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A superlative re-telling of the timeless classic.
This version of John Bunyan's original makes for a light, yet poignant read. It provides an insight to Bunyan's own Christian journey and allows the reader to liken his/her own spiritual walk with that of this 17th century author.

The Pilgrim's Progress
Published in Hardcover by Moody Publishers (1994)
Authors: John Bunyan, James H. Thomas, John Haysom, and John Bunyon
Amazon base price: $15.99
Used price: $0.99
Collectible price: $28.85
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Pilgrim's Progress stands with the world's best literature.
I read The Pilgrim's Progress as a child and recently reread it in order to do a comparative essay on allegorical journeys for my english class. The other book I read for the assignment was Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, and I found that Bunyan's novel equaled or exceeded Conrad's in every way. While Conrad used far more symbolism and allusions, I felt that Bunyan still did a better job of making the reader identify with his character's journey. The Pilgrim's Progress is a wonderfully written story that inspires hope and confidence in God to help his people though their own journeys.

Wonderful allegory of the Christian life.
"The Pilgrim's Progress" is widely known and widely imitated. Perhaps a bit too widely. While the book itself is stunning, having seen, heard, or read so many attempts to imitate it, I found that the original effect of the story was lessened for me.

By all means, this book should be read -- it is in itself a great work of literature, and it is a prime example of Puritan thought. Be aware, however, that much of it will seem trite and worn -- not because of anything inherently wrong with Bunyan's writing -- primarily because we have all heard so many poor imitations that it will be difficult to put them aside.

However, this book still warrants a reading for the simple fact that it is a great story! I shall be re-reading this in the not-too-distant future, hopefully better prepared to dismiss the memories of the imitations and to appreciate the genius of Bunyan's allegory.

Read it!

Practical heart searching Christianity.
Pilgrim's Progress has been accepted by the world as a classic piece of literature. However, just as Handel's Messiah is recognised as a magnificent work without people really appreciating the message it brings so Pilgrim's Progress can suffer from its own fame. Here we have the stories of believers moving towards heaven. They have ups and downs. They suffer pain and experience pleasure. All the time the christian reader is being led forward into experimental practical christian avenues. Despair, doubt, backsliding, the temptations of the world, helps from above and support from others on the Way all make this work so vital and relevant. Both parts, Christian's journey and Christiana's are wonderful in their own ways. For the past four years I have preferred the second part. Read it every year at least once. If you must read only one other book next to your Bible let it be this one, (Or Thomas Watson on All things for Good) but do read it all. A classic that is beyond review.

Archetypes of Conversion: The Autobiographies of Augustine, Bunyan, and Merton
Published in Hardcover by Bucknell Univ Pr (1985)
Author: Anne Hawkins
Amazon base price: $33.50
Used price: $11.99
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A Book for Boys and Girls (Classics of Children's Literature, 1621-1932)
Published in Hardcover by Garland Pub (1975)
Authors: John Bunyan, Isaac Divine Songs Attempted in Easy Language for the Use of C Watts, and Thomas Moral Songs Foxton
Amazon base price: $35.00
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Christian Classics
Published in Paperback by Trafalgar Square (1900)
Authors: Thomas A'Kempis, John Bunyan, and Various
Amazon base price: $13.00
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Literal Figures: Puritan Allegory and the Reformation Crisis in Representation
Published in Hardcover by University of Chicago Press (1995)
Author: Thomas H. Luxon
Amazon base price: $31.00
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Peregrino: El En Un Castellano Actualizado
Published in Hardcover by Kregel Publications (1996)
Authors: John H. Thomas, John Bunyan, and Juan Bunyan
Amazon base price: $14.99
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