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Published in Hardcover by Huntington Press (01 March, 1998)
Authors: Bill Branon and Dwain Seppala
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Beautiful descriptions of life, loneliness and death.
Mr. Branon stepped into another part of his soul as he wrote Timesong. It is far from his other novels. Timesong's words landed in a soft, beautiful space in my heart. I thank him for this unique look at people through the abilities found within a disability, through the fear of living and changes in dying. Timesong is a warm, wonderful way to spend a couple of hours cozied up with a cup of tea. I highly recommend it.

Let Us Prey
Published in Audio Cassette by HarperAudio (January, 1994)
Author: Bill Branon
Amazon base price: $17.00
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fast pace runs out of gas...
Hey, I really enjoyed Bill Branon's book...but. The pace was wicked but after a couple of hundred pages I began to get dizzy. Not sure how he could've fixed it though. Once you get into that hard-hittin' prose it's hard to get out. Anyway, for a first effort ol' Bill did all right. Also, could have used a lot more on his reasoned feelings toward big bro. Not sure anyone blew up anything in Orwell's 1984. You know, the pen is mightier than the sword and all that. But surely, on April 15th we all have the sort of fantasies he spelled out!

Off the Beaten Path.
I have concluded that one either takes an instant shine to Mr. Branon's books or the books get put into the circular file. I for one found this novel to be a refreshing change of pace. Where is it written that thrillers have to be either chocked full of technical jargon or fast moving tersely written homages to Raymond Chandler or Mickey Spillane. Mr. Brannon has attempted to give some substance to this very worn genre. He has dared to populate his story with some rather loopy characters and used a gutsy stylistic approach. I for one found the effort to be highly enjoyable. On a personal note I've spent most of my adult life in the military and though I've never served in any of the cloak and dagger units I've met a few who have. One would be amazed at the things they talk about as well as some of their hobbies. Mr Brannon understands this truth and has created some very real(almost) characters. Bravo!

vivid characters , interesting plot, first paragraph entices
From the first paragraph of Let Us Prey, the reader must be impressed with the description of this "hit" . I was . This was all the hook I needed to continue and was very pleased that I did .The characters and style of writing remind me of Elmore Leonard . Branon has a knack for bringing to life obscure personalities . After reading this book I've looked off and on for his next, Devil's hole but haven't been able to locate it as of yet. but after reading Let Us Prey I'll definately keep trying.

Devil's Hole
Published in Hardcover by HarperCollins (May, 1995)
Author: Bill Branon
Amazon base price: $23.00
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Not as good as expected...
I read this book on the beach in Ixtapa (along with about a dozen other books) and thought that the plot was OK, but the execution was iffy at best. He tends to dawdle a bit when exploring the sexual side of his heroes (darn near stops the book, in fact). He explains in excruciating detail what he is doing with his girl in bed (an embarassing look at his ideas about women and what he THINKS they want) while glossing over important plot details that would explain his protaginist's motivation and goals. If you enjoy the types of books that Bill Branon is trying to write, a better choice would be any of the books in the 'Bob the Nailer' series by Stephen Hunter. I will probably buy his next book, but if it has the same 'narrative stoppage' with his sex scenes that this book does, I will not buy any more.

A writer with great potential but need writing style change
Mr.Branon should be and could be a great writer, if he could improve his trivial and roaming writing style like James Joyce. His two books were both with hopeful stories but just failed to deliver clearly and conclusively. You could only absorb some of the scenes and plots in his two books, but just could not patiently read through. Such as DEVILS HOLE, for example, the 2nd Chapter should become the 1st Chapter, and the 1st chapter should be completely deleted and/or moved to the back with just several condensed short paragraphs in narration. Because if not doing so, it would turn off a prospective reader to drop the book after three minutes. The twin assassins as shooter/spotter are a very good design but failed to deliver again. Their acceptances and carrying out contracts for common people is but an idealistic poetic justice, but how they got such contracts and how regular people would know their existence and how they approach them for how much cost, Mr. Branon simply overlooked it. There are so many scenes totally unnecessarily probed but went nowhere, like chapter 14, from page 141 to 144,42-43, 66-67(two lines),151-152,181-198, 211(lowest part)-212, and etc, were totally waste of readers' time, and definitely should be deleted. Chapter 12, is alike Thomas Perry's BUTCHER'S BOY, the readers and the author should both be conscious! The whole chapter 7, is a long but tasteless going-no-where. Yet some of the Chapters and scenes were beautifully written and should be collected into some writing textbooks! Such as chapter 3,p.135-p.140. The worst problem of Mr. Branon's writing is the obscurity of his characters,especially the male characters and frog-leaping writing style with too many unnecessary flash-backs. No-big-deal characters doing no-big-deal jobs, making the readers going no-big-deal whereabouts. Like LET US PREY, same problems didn't improve but worsened in DEVILS HOLE. Lot of digressions, lot of blab,blabs,blabs! These are two books which should be rewritten, if possible. And the vertical stripes on every page should also be deleted, since they bothered the reading a lot!! Mr. Branon should write a book with clearer characters instead of vague personalities, it should developed like a tree grow into a forest, not a forest into a tree, especially, a rootless and fruitless tree

Branon really knows how to develop his characters
I happened to run across this book knowing nothing about it, but the description on the jacket cover intrigued me so I picked it up. I had not heard of the author before, but after finishing it I can say that I was extremely impressed. He has a special talent for developing characters through subtle scenes, and I found myself really rooting for all of the characters. There is one chapter where Arthur and Melody go shooting in the desert which was one of the best chapters I've ever read in any book for the interaction, bonding and friendship between the characters. It helps to explain what would otherwise be an unlikely relationship between them. Unlike other customer reviewers, I thought that there weren't any unneeded scenes or chapters, and thought that the 1st chapter, although not really referenced later in the book, was an attention-grabbing opener. I'm really looking forward to reading his other books!

Spider Snatch
Published in Hardcover by Huntington Press (December, 1999)
Author: Bill Branon
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $2.70
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It's not Let Us Prey
This is not a page turner but the author does an excellent job of telling the story of one woman's vengeance. He brings it all together at the end but during the book I kept waiting for things to move ahead at a faster pace. This is not a book for everyone but if you like the author you will enjoy his latest offering.

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