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Intergalactic Mercenaries
Published in Paperback by New American Library (November, 1996)
Authors: Shelia Willioms, Cynthia Manson, Sheila Williams, Frederik Pohl, and Edward Bryant
Amazon base price: $5.99
Used price: $2.20
Collectible price: $5.79
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Top notch stories from among the best SF writers
This book contains a small number of stories. In fact some of them could be more correctly called novellas than short stories. The link between them all is that they are all extemely well written, and their main characters have been involved in war in some way. Most of these are not new, but put together like this they make an outstanding collection. Included is one Miles Vorkosigan story (not new) if you are looking up this book because of that author's series.

This book contains the following stories:

"Call him Lord" by Gordon R. Dickson
"pilots of the twilight" by Edward Bryant
"Sepulcher" by Ben Bova
"The high test" by Frederik Pohl
"When Johnny comes marching home" by Timothy Zahn
"Labyrinth" by Lois McMaster Bujold

Read, and enjoy:)

Crime, Abnormal Minds, and the Law (The Historical Foundations of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology)
Published in Hardcover by DaCapo Press (January, 1981)
Authors: Edward H. Williams and Ernest Bryant Hoag
Amazon base price: $57.00
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