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The Real Report on the Last Chance to Save Capitalism in Italy
Published in Paperback by Flatland (16 October, 1997)
Authors: Gianfranco Sanguinetti, "Censor", and Len Bracken
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review by Kaspahraster:
It really is brilliant! This book is a must-read, guaranteed to get the wheels turning - excellent to think about it in conjunction with Debord's "Comments."

As a bonus, Len Bracken has included a useful timeline descriptively entitled "From the egg to the apples: the combined chronologies of the strategy of tension in Italy and of the Italian section of the Situationist International." -jean.

The Right To Be Lazy
Published in Paperback by Fifth Season Press (01 November, 1999)
Authors: Paul Lafargue and Len Bracken
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List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $9.95
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Stolen leisure
Fight for the right to have a good time and taking ease witheverything seems to be an utopia nowadays. Written in the 19thcentury, Lafargue's book, a Cuban socialist, and it's an splendid manifesto to protect this necessity so despised at the present time.

The Arch Conspirator
Published in Paperback by Adventures Unlimited Press (November, 1999)
Author: Len Bracken
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Bracken is the conspirator's conspirator
Len Bracken is the conspirator's conspirator. He is well read and is one of the most famous of the so-called "Leftist" conspirators (in conspiracy there is no "Left" or "Right"). Bracken is the thinking man's conspirator! This book includes his famous essay on the universal cancellation of debt and his exposé on the South African police!

The Arch Conspirator: Essays and Actions
Mr. Bracken has done it again! Brilliant and penetrating insights from the leading man of the anarchist movement - I highly recommend it.

Guy Debord: Revolutionary
Published in Paperback by Feral House (July, 1997)
Author: Len Bracken
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falsifier's work
One reads in this book that Jean-Pierre Voyer is now on the extreme-right. Well, he's not... So I guess Bracken is a cretin. (And no mention is made of Voyer's criticisms of the S.I....)

Best Introduction to Situationism
The life of Debord is used as a springboard for discussing the ideas that motivated him. This book gives the best introduction to Situationism I have yet seen (I asked one individual, who is much more into the Sits than I, what he thought was the best English language introduction. He agreed with me that this was it). The typical reader will certainly find it far friendlier than The Society of the Spectacle, the main work of Debord himself. Debord's writing is wrapt in Hegelian jargon that was opaque even to a former Marxist I know. The book has some small deficiencies (e.g., the first several chapters have a hurried, first-draft feeling), but really, this might be the best biography I have ever read.

Slip it in
Christ, there's more to life than reifying praxis and abhorring ideology

The Shadow Government: 9-11 and State Terror
Published in Paperback by Adventures Unlimited Press (October, 2002)
Authors: Len Bracken, Andrew Smith, Kenn Thomas, and Kenn Thomas
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Used price: $7.50
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Procrustes was a notorious scoundrel who waylaid unwary tourists. He'd stretch short tourists on a rack to fit a long bed, and chop off the legs of tall tourists to fit a short bed. So here does The Shadow Government with facts to fit Bracken & Smith's "State-Terror Thesis": namely, that the US government engineered the 9-11 and anthrax attacks. The motivation? To provide pretexts for unwanted wars and increased police powers. If you believe that, you believe in the Tooth Fairy.

Bracken & Smith's "State-Terror Thesis" rests uneasily on the hypothesis that terrorist attacks are too technically complex to have been done by a single person. However, one can't so easily underestimate the damage that may be done by a determined individual.

Bracken & Smith state that "Credible reports that the anthrax attacks came from within the US biological warfare establishment were made as early as November 2001." This "credible report" is traced to an unnamed "member of the US delegation to the United Nations, speaking in Berlin". It would be much more credible if we knew who this "member" is, but we don't. Like this book, it's not credible at all.

Not bunkum when your head's out of the sand
With even such highly respected social critics as Christopher Hitchens justifying a pro-war stance by opining falsely about "the frantic and discredited few who think or suggest that George W. Bush fixed up the attacks", this book is a must-read for students of the truth. The Shadow Government is a compendium of information about important real-life events that have yet to be investigated or explained concerning the state terror thesis with regard to 9/11. This research has not been "discredited", but simply dropped and/or not yet completely pursued by parapolitical researchers. Some of these situations will never be fully examined, making the fact that this is an early contribution to conspiracy literature on the topic all the more important to a broader audience likely to be swept up in mainstream efforts to rewrite the facts after the coming war.

The East is Black
Published in Paperback by SexPol Editions (December, 2000)
Author: Len Bracken
Amazon base price: $11.95
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Published in Paperback by (March, 2001)
Author: Len Bracken
Amazon base price: $12.95
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