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Secrets of New England Cooking
Published in Paperback by Dover Pubns (August, 2000)
Authors: Ella Shannon Bowles, Dorothy S. Towle, and Wenderoth Saunders
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An Oldie but a Goodie!
First of all this book is not a new book but was first printed about fifty years ago. I stumbled onto my copy at a booksale a dozen years ago and have used it many times since. It is a wonderful resource for traditional New England Yankee cookery and is a great resource fo people who care about or study food history. It is full of wonderfully simple and delicious tradional recipes and captures the rich culinary history of the recent and not so recent past (the Pilgrims could have written some of these recipes!)

The foundations of New England culinary heritage
Two New Hampshire cooks share their recipes and the foundations of New England culinary heritage with a guide gathered from early American and Native American roots. Secrets of New England Cooking packs in dishes such as Indian pudding, oyster pie, succotash and coconut custard pie. No photos, but these are simple dishes requiring little visual assistance.

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