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Selves: New Poems
Published in Paperback by Penguin USA (Paper) (January, 1991)
Author: Philip E. Booth
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $1.36
Collectible price: $37.50
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Great American Poetry at its Best
Philip Booth is today's Robert Frost. Exploring not only the New England landscape but also his lifetime of experience living there, Booth proves that classic American poetry still exists. A scholar and professor, Booth is a too-often-overlooked poet who offers us much in his work and his study. All of his volumes are must-haves in my opinion, but "Selves" gives us a nice collection of some of his best. This book, along with "Trying to Say It," should be on the shelf of any poet or lover of poetry.

Understanding Reality: A Commonsense Theory of the Original Cause
Published in Paperback by Jon Carpenter Publishing (July, 1999)
Authors: Stefan Hlatky and Philip Booth
Amazon base price: $25.00
Used price: $22.50
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Looking for overall happiness? You¿ve found the answer!!
If you've been looking for overall happiness, the purpose of your life, or perhaps a way of thinking where the feeling of anxiety is unnecessary, then congratulations, you've just found the book that provides the answer! A refreshing, non-dogmatic and above all a common sense way of thinking is proposed by these two authors. A little heavy going to start with, but soon you will appreciate the hypothesis being presented. It's not really a book you would read cover to cover, you are more likely to jump between different discussion areas within the book, for example love and the need for love, self identity, death, the purpose of your own life and everything you see around you. I've been 'reading' the book for over a year now and have found that not only my anxieties in life have significantly reduced, but also my overall happiness and satisfaction about my life has improved to a point where I now find life, generally very enjoyable and agreeable.

You don't actually need to purchase the book as the entire book is available, free, on the web ... . This is a sign the authors are not interested in making any money out of the ideas being presented, but would prefer the hypothesis to be discussed by everyone from all walks of life. The authors claim these big issues in life should be discussed by everyone and not left to authorities such as religious groups or science to answer and then dictate to us all.

Inside Camp X
Published in Audio Cassette by Scenario Productions (September, 2001)
Authors: Lynn Philip Hodgson and Michael Booth
Amazon base price: $17.49
List price: $24.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $13.99
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The Audiobook of a great non fiction novel
By Lynn Philip Hodgson
During World War II there was a Secret Camp on the Shores of Lake Ontario built
Specifically for Training Allied Spies. This Non-Fiction Audiobook "Inside Camp X" takes you from recruitment, Training,Specialty Instruction, Field work, Assignments, Missions, Captures and Life after the War. The sole purpose of Camp X was to develop Secret Agents in every aspect of
Silent Killing, Sabotage, Demolition, Weaponry and Morse Code.
Read by Michael Booth. Michael Booth is a prominent Shakespearean actor and
producer in Canada.

The true story of what went on behind the fences of
STS - 103 (Camp - X) This top secret World War II
Secret Agent Training School was strategically placed
in Canada on the shores of Lake Ontario.

As outlined in his biography The Life of Ian Fleming written by John Pearson after
the war, Fleming was required to take the same training as the Camp - X Agents
in order to realize the effect of the process and to have a better appreciation for
what the Agents endured. On one occasion, he was sent inside with orders to
shoot and kill the man he would find hiding in an upstairs bedroom.

Unbeknownst to Fleming, his intended target was in fact the Chief Instructor of
Camp - X, Major William Ewart Fairbairn, a man who, it was fabled, was so good
at his trade that he could dodge bullets! Pearson quotes William Stephenson,
Head of the British Security Co-ordination, as having said, "It was a test of nerve....
a test to decide whether he (the Agent) really was ruthless enough to kill a man
when it came down to it." According to the account, Fleming waited outside the
room for a time, then went away. "You know, I couldn't really kill a man that way."
Stephenson said Fleming apologized later. Fleming drew from this and his other
experiences with Agents from Camp - X to write his famous 'James Bond' novels.

Excellent biography in picture and word of the spy Camp"X"
This intriguing book unveils the unique training centre, a spy school, established during the second world war near Oshawa, Ontario Canada by the world greatest spymaster, Sir William Stephenson, the man called "INTREPID". Lynn-Phillips Hodgson book 'Inside-Camp X" depicts in narrative and historical photographs the intriguing story of the men and women who were trained at this camp to be spies and saboteurs. Once they graduated their new job was unlike any we would aspire to. These new graduates were transported from Canada and dropped behind enemy lines. For the first time, we, the readers are taken into this world of espionage training, introduced to many of the silent heroes who committed themselves to the most dangerous of military tasks during the war, to parachute behind enemy lines, to disrupt the German war machine, to organize the resistance underground forces, and in many cases they lost their lives to achieve their goals. This book is their legacy to all of us who benefitted from their unswerving dedication and committment to end the Second World War. They are the graduates of the most unique training school the world has ever know, they are the men and women from 'Inside - Camp X'.

A winner-Canada's WW11 secret spy school uncovered-at last!
" Lynn-Philip Hodgson with the launch of his new book, 'Inside - Camp X' has shone a light on the colorful wartime activities that took place in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax and Bowmanville. Filled with fascinating stories about North America's first spy training school"

Jane McDonald - Staff Writer - Oshawa This Week

Published in Hardcover by Candlewick Press (October, 2001)
Authors: Philip E. Booth and Bagram Ibatoulline
Amazon base price: $11.89
List price: $16.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.95
Collectible price: $21.18
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Great illustrations but no story...
My 5 year old son loves trains and train books but says this book is "boring" (and I have to agree). I think he finds it confusing. Rather than a story (with a beginning, middle & end) this book lists train car names one page says "Phoebe Snow, B&O, Thirty-four, five".

Amazingly detailed artwork
"Crossing," which combines a simple poem by Philip Booth with artwork by Bagram Ibatoulline, is about a rairoad crossing. Here are some sample lines: "warning whistle, bellclang, / engine eating steam, / engineer waving, / a fast-freight dream." As the train passes we see the various types of cars (boxcars, a cattle car, etc.). What makes the book special is the artwork: vibrant, realistic, and packed full of intricate details.

One of my favorite toddler books
Our son (2.5 years old) loves this book. The cadence of the poem is engaging and the art is stupendous. The style wonderfully evokes the times of steam rail and the colors are gorgeous. This one is truly beautiful. If your child loves trains, this is a must-own.

Modern Actuarial Theory and Practice
Published in Hardcover by CRC Press (20 October, 1998)
Authors: Philip M. Booth, Robert Chadburn, Deborah Cooper, Steven Haberman, Dewi James, and P. H. Booth
Amazon base price: $84.95
Used price: $33.60
Buy one from zShops for: $75.72
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Useful and Relevant for Institute 300 series
A very clear book covering the Exams in the 300 series for the institute of Actuaries. Topics include Pensions, investment, asset modeling and Life.

200 Open Games (Chess)
Published in Paperback by Dover Pubns (February, 1992)
Authors: David Bronstein, Philip J. Booth, and David Ionovich Bronshtein
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $5.47
Buy one from zShops for: $6.92
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Boring and awful. Worst chess book I have ever bought.

his personal impressions are pretty interesting
Bronstein gives the scores of 200 of his open games - pretty much his entire practice, win, loss, and draw, including gm draws. With each, he gives a paragraph or two of what he finds of interest - a maneuver, a combination, a tournement situation, personalities, or whatever. there's not a lot of analysis, but there are a lot of ideas to be picked up. More than anything else, the book seems to be about personal attitude. I don't play open games any more, but I haven't been able to give up my copy.

Bronstein chess magic
This book has the Bronstein magic. He writes in color, but many authors write in black and white. For that alone, his books are all worth it. To Bronstein, chess is ALIVE and exciting, and he conveys that in his writing. He never over-analyzes, whic is fine, because ultimately to progress in chess, it is the reader who must analyze the games. And this book has many good games to analyze, one per page.

Available Light
Published in Hardcover by Viking Press (March, 1976)
Author: Philip E. Booth
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $10.00
Collectible price: $15.88
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Before sleep : poems
Published in Unknown Binding by Penguin Books ()
Author: Philip E. Booth
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $4.74
Collectible price: $6.89
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Biology for the Individual
Published in Paperback by Heinemann Educational Books - Secondary Division (30 September, 1974)
Authors: Donald Reid, Philip Booth, and Philip Booth
Amazon base price: $
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Biology for the Individual: Teacher's Guide to Books 1-7 (Biology for the Individual)
Published in Unknown Binding by Heinemann Educational Books - Secondary Division (26 April, 1982)
Authors: Donald Reid and Philip Booth
Amazon base price: $
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