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Modern Hebrew: Ivrit Hayah
Published in Paperback by Hebrew Pub Co (December, 1982)
Authors: Harry Blumberg and Mordecai H. Lewittes
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $4.79
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Modern Hebrew, Ivrit Hayah
This book is written in a style that makes learning Hebrew easy. The material, topics, the vocabulary and the exercises are well organized. It also gives an excellent introduction to the Hebrew culture, mentality and sense of humor. Also it introduces the reader to the attitude of the language. Even though Hebrew is a very difficult language this book does not frustrate the learner. It is one of the best linguistical books I've ever studied. Hebrew is my fourth language and while learning the other 3 languages I was never able to learn the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in such a short time. After just the first two lessons I was able to construct a complete sentence. I have never been able to do this while studying other languages. The topics are very interesting and intriguing and causes me to want to study the lesson to the very end. The layout of the lesson is great.

Averroes: Epitome of Parva Naturalia
Published in Hardcover by Medieval Academy of Amer (December, 1961)
Authors: Averoes, Harry Blumberg, and Averroes
Amazon base price: $30.00
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