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Unlikely Adversaries
Published in Hardcover by Xlibris Corporation (January, 2000)
Author: Robert Bloom
Amazon base price: $31.99
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Exciting Mystery
Unlikely Adversaries is a mystery filled with suspense. It's an easy book to read.

The characters in the book are well defined. Mr. Bloom evidences a clear understanding of the motivations of the lawyers he is describing and the environment they are working in.

Take it to the beach, read it on the train, this book is very entertaining.

Unlikely Adversaries
What a page-turner. The best kind of book you want to read if you have a four-hour airline flight or a weekend at the beach. The characters are well-developed -- they jump off the pages. I was casting the movie version as I was reading it.

Mr. Bloom's knowledge of the legal system and SEC inner-workings make this novel believable. The book is an imaginative, lively conflict between the good guys and the bad guys. It was hard to believe that the whole scenario happened in a short period of time.

I recommend it highly, a work in the genre of John Grisham.

This was a great read. I was immediately drawn into the plot and the book held my interest throughout. The securities fraud and the SEC involvement were realistic and there also was a tantalizing sub-plot that ultimately revealed itself. The villains were deliciously heinous and one had a wonderfully nefarious name (Vince Sliney) that would have made Dickens proud. The "good guys" grew on me so that by the end, I really felt for them. Insights into court reporting added a nice touch. The compelling story built tension as the pace quickened and the ending did not disappoint. This is a book I looked forward to reading each day.

Shakespeare as Political Thinker
Published in Hardcover by Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) (01 June, 2000)
Authors: John Alvis, Thomas G. West, Laurence Berns, Allan Bloom, Paul A. Cantor, Louise Cowan, Christopher Flannery, Robert B. Heilman, Harry V. Jaffa, and Michael Platt
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $17.42
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Fantastic book on Shakespeare
This winter break I went on a Shakespeare buying spree, and this book is one of the fine gems I found. A large, but fascinating book, this work of great scholarship and excitement takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of Shakespeare, even into rather obscure corners of his works (Trollius and Cressida, Timon of Athens). This book is a must read for any would be deep thinker about Shakespeare.

The New Shakespeareans
Shakespeare as Political Thinker is a must for everyone interested in the political thought of William Shakespeare. This reprint will finally allow new comers to become familair with a commonsensical approach to Shakespeare's plays. The introductory chapter by John Alvis is worth the price. Perhaps the best Shakespearean critic alive, Alvis has an uncanny ability to show Shakespeare's moral seriousness without making the bard an unquestioning adherent to any political school or theological creed. Many of the essays that follow are also well done: Jaffa's chapter on Shakespeare's entire corpus, Laurence Berns' meditation on Lear etc.

The second printing of Shakespeare as Political Thinker gives hope to those interested in relearning ancient wisdom and pays tribute to its inspiration, Shakespeare's Politics (Allan Bloom).

The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren
Published in Hardcover by Louisiana State University Press (December, 1998)
Authors: Robert Penn Warren, John Burt, and Harold Bloom
Amazon base price: $31.47
List price: $44.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $31.22
Buy one from zShops for: $30.10
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Warren's poems are a triumph of the human spirit.
I find most contemporary poetic practice notable only for its miserly concern for the difficulties attendant upon the small, the domestic, the momentary--huge acreages felled only to tell us that someone built a fence in their backyard once, and their husband helped them and the bindweed grew up around it and that was symbolic of relationships enduring and such. I'm therefore ensanguined by Burt's new collection (definitive enough, I should think, to silence the shrieks of Robert Penn Warren harpies), which teaches us that bindweed can't "hold candle to chokeweed," that fences tend "to grow thick with unfencing menses," and that husbands are meaningful only inasmuch as they "lung persevering into the guts of Cromwell." As a result, this collection--under Burt's sprightly editorship --provides a needed corrective; Warren takes an uncompromising view of the suffering subject splayed upon the rack of history, and the results are cheerful and life-affirming. This book made me realize that there's a reason for everything; I will recommend it to my co-workers.

Biochemical Basis Neuropharmacology 5e
Published in Paperback by Oxford University Press (April, 1993)
Authors: Jack R. Cooper, Robert Y. Roth, and Floyd E. Bloom
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $1.97
Collectible price: $9.95
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Excellent introductory glimpse of neuropharmacology
This book is an excellent introductory text, suitable for undergraduates or "outsiders", outlining the basic principles of neuropharmacology. Reviews of the major concepts involved in neurotransmission are included in the first half of the book, such as cellular and molecular (read DNA) biological basics as well as descriptions of amino acid based neurotransmission. The second half of the book is organized with each chapter devoted to a single molecule. My major criticism is that although the title is "The BIOCHEMICAL Basis of Neuropharmacology", the chemistry in the text is rather simple and incomplete, and the lack of quantitative discussion of pharmacokinetics is a major disappointment. All beginning students of neuropharmacology should purchase this book - in paperback it is truly a bargain. END

This reference is easy to read. As well, unlike most pharmacology texts, this one does not concentrate on drugs, but rather on the underlying physiology. There is an introduction to neurons, synapses and action potentials. There is an introduction to modern molecular methods. It is interesting to note that in describing molecular cloning methods, the work of J. G. Sutcliffe, R.J. Milner, and F.E. Bloom is reported whereby a cDNA library was prepared from mRNAs from whole rat brain, then it was seen what individual cDNAs hybridized with the mRNAs from rat liver and kidney. Approximately 30,000 of the brain's 50,000 mRNAs were not detected in the liver or kidney, showing that much of the rat's DNA is for neuronal purposes. In the introduction to receptors, it is noted that there about a thousand known receptors to neurotransmitters, hormones and odorants. The introduction to neuromodulators includes the neuronal effects of nitric oxide (thought to be involved in both long-term potentiation LTP and long-term depression LTD; nitric oxide synthase inhibitors will block NMDA receptor activation). The chapter on amino acid neurotransmitters includes excitatory glutamate and aspartate, and inhibitory GABA, glycine, alanine, cystathionine and serine. There are chapters on cholinergic (acetylcholine) and catecholaminergic (norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine) neurotransmitters. Serotonin and histamine neurotransmitters are considered in detail in the next chapter. There is an introduction to neuroactive peptides, noting that they must be synthesized on ribosomes, then at the smooth endoplasmic reticulum they are put into vesicles in a prohormonal form, and only then transported to the nerve terminals. The book concludes with introductions to the cellular mechanisms involved in learning, and the involvement of neurotransmitters in neurological and psychiatric illnesses.

Fundamental Neuroscience CD-ROM
Published in Hardcover by Academic Press (May, 1999)
Authors: Story C. Landis, Michael J. Zigmond, Larry R. Squire, James L. Roberts, and Floyd E. Bloom
Amazon base price: $66.95
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CAVEAT (emptor): It's just the images!
I can't say much about the book. I skimmed through it, didn't find so much better stuff compared to, let's say, Kandel & Schwartz. I thought buying the "CD version" would give me a slim, searchable CD-ROM instead of another tome of neuroscience stuff. My fault.

On the other hand the leaflet of the CD-ROM states clearly "fundamental NEUROSCIENCE images". If anyone were to be blamed at all, it'd be me jumping to conclusions and maybe Amazon for not pointing out that it's a CD-ROM full of images (ca. 900 TIFs and some GIFs (<3%)). It's just the images, no legends etc. The viewer is Kudo. It displays thumbnails and seems to have problems keeping the aspect ration when enlarging the viewing window. (It will let you make slide shows, screen savers etc. But that's not exactly why I would by a publication on neuroscience).

Superb graphics cover neuroscience in electronic form
This CD comprises all the superb art from the Book. The art is in "jpeg" (*.jpg) format and can be "cut and pasted" into electronic slides. The book it comes from is a tour de force from leading researchers in the area of neuroscience. It is comprehensive in scope going from modern molecular and cellular neuroscience to cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. Includes strong sections on developmental neuroscience, sensory and motor neuroscience, and regulatory systems. Exceptional value for money. Suitable for teaching neuroscience at the graduate level (although it may also be suited for teaching advanced undergraduates and academic medical students and for presentations at professional symposia).

Fundamental Neuroscience
Published in Hardcover by Academic Press (15 January, 1999)
Authors: Michael J. Zigmond, Floyd E. Bloom, Story C. Landis, James L. Roberts, Larry R. Squire, and Robert S. Woolley
Amazon base price: $94.95
Used price: $32.91
Buy one from zShops for: $58.99
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Too detailed
This text is not appropiate for any for introductory class to neuroscience at any level (whether grad or undergrad). The depth and detail leaves the reader confused at best. Perhaps it is suitable for an advanced gradute seeking to remedy any detail oriented holes. For all others, it is a precursor to a headache.
The smart money would go with the Kandel who clearly defines
his purpose at the outset of his classic book.
(I notice that the reviewer ,who bestowed the text 4 stars, and the author both call San Diego their home.)

A beautiful review of neuroscience.
To me as bibliophiliac and a cognitive psychologist interested in neurobiology, this is the textbook of choice and an object of desire. It is very up-to-date and well-written. Although some people have detected some lack of coherence in this work, I find it refreshing that the sections recognizably come from different research teams with somewhat different points of emphasis, but without anyone pushing his own scientific interests on the expense of those of the readers. This also guarantees that it is not only an accumulation of facts but has also interesting theoretical discussions by leading researchers. It is optimal for readers having at least some laypeople knowledge about biology, medicine, or neuroscience, and just want to know more (possibly everything), or who require a thorough and citable review of a certain topic. Readers completely new to the field may find it difficult to pick out the information suited for a beginner level - a less voluminous book would be more helpful for them. I would rather not recommend it for undergraduates courses. I would also prefer a somewhat stronger emphasis on cognitive neuroscience - after all, a few hundred pages more would do no harm...!

Serious in-depth coverage of important field
This book is a veritable tour de force from leading researchers in the area of neuroscience. It is comprehensive in scope going from modern molecular and cellular neuroscience to cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. Includes strong sections on developmental neuroscience, sensory and motor neuroscience, and regulatory systems. The book is extremely well and attractively produced; the graphics are superb. Exceptional value for money. It has been written by leading scholars involved in teaching neuroscience at the graduate level (although it may be suited to advanced undergraduates and academic medical students). Definitely the leading book in the area; required reading for professional neuroscientists and academic clinicians.

Eutrophication Processes in Coastal Systems: Origin and Succession of Plankton Blooms and Effects on Secondary Productio
Published in Hardcover by Lewis Publishers, Inc. (27 November, 2000)
Author: Robert J. Livingston
Amazon base price: $119.95
Used price: $102.96
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Dr. Livingston ignored the real problem
Unfortunately, Dr. Livingston studied the plant nutrients, nitrogen and phorphorus, but ignored the real problem in Perdido Bay - organic enrichment from the paper mill. Dr. Livingston studied Perdido Bay for eleven years and never found that the 5,000 to 6,000 pounds per day of solids that the paper mill discharges into Perdido Bay were having any effect. Rather he concentrated on a much lesser problem of nutrients. Yes, there was and still is eutrophication in Perdido Bay but most of the problem is from paper mill solids.

Accounting Theory and Policy: A Reader
Published in Paperback by International Thomson Publishing (November, 1997)
Authors: Robert Bloom and Pieter T. Elgers
Amazon base price: $38.95
Used price: $13.90
Buy one from zShops for: $33.69
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Anatomies of Egotism: A Reading of the Last Novels of H. G. Wells
Published in Hardcover by Univ of Nebraska Pr (March, 1977)
Author: Robert Bloom
Amazon base price: $20.00
Used price: $12.50
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Criminal Procedure: Examples and Explanations
Published in Paperback by Aspen Publishers, Inc. (February, 2001)
Authors: Robert M. Bloom and Mark S. Brodin
Amazon base price: $35.95
Used price: $19.99
Buy one from zShops for: $29.00

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