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The Forbidden Poems
Published in Paperback by Seal Pr Feminist Pub (March, 1991)
Author: Becky Birtha
Amazon base price: $10.95
Used price: $27.77
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Birtha's poetry is straightforward, subtle, beautiful, real
The poems in this book touch me most when I'm grieving; they are tender yet strong, and in them I find both recognition of pain and courage to begin again. They are vulnerable yet far from sappy; Birtha's insight, power, and gentleness never fail to comfort and strengthen. I recommend this book highly

Say it isn't so!! Keep Looking, you won't be sorry ...
This book belongs on every reader's list of gotta have. Becky Birtha pulls us thru her journey of life -- from loving, to heartache, around the corner to recovery, we find community, friendship and then stand with her in all her glory as she shares her Love Poem to Myself. You'll lick your lips sensually with Plumstone; laugh and nod your head as she wraps humor around pain in My Next Lover; feel strength with her Love Poem to Anger; soothed with A Deeper Healing and Accept it Gracefully. She shows us how it feels *to come to the end of being loved* and how we can still be open, strong and willing to take the risk again. The language BB uses to paint her gifts is magical. This is an absolutely must own!!

Lovers' Choice
Published in Paperback by Seal Pr Feminist Pub (February, 1994)
Author: Becky Birtha
Amazon base price: $8.94
Used price: $0.99
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*In The Deep Heart's Core* is where she takes us
This is my 2nd Becky Birtha collection of short stories ... and although it might be hard to believe ... it is better than the first!! I have read the last selection *In The Life* outloud to ten other women and each one has become a Birtha fan. BB has the gift of telling our heart's stories in her short pictures ... she paints with a brillant brush! My favorite tells us of women having grown old and deep in their love ... so deep that when one of them dies, the other still speaks, shares and cares with her love and sees thru the eyes of that love -- Gracie & Pearl are precious. In the Deep Heart's Core tells the story of reaching a hand from one generation to another, while Past Halfway begins in the pain of breakup but leads us thru the need to let go, seek your own answers, find your own way, make connections. These are glorious gifts BB hands to us. Find it, read it, share it

For Nights Like This One: Stories of Loving Women
Published in Paperback by Frog in the Well (June, 1983)
Author: Becky Birtha
Amazon base price: $4.95
Used price: $3.75
Collectible price: $4.24
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*The telling that made things become so special between them
This $5 wonder is worth every penny and so much more. Becky Birtha is an extraordinary storyteller! She has graced us with vignettes that bring to life the every day stories of our living -- taking risks, loss, differances, finding home & family, what we give up and what we gain. The title story *For Nights Like This One* takes us inside the heart of a woman who discovers that she not only wants to love but also *she wanted to be loved by a woman, by a woman who could be much more than her own imagination could create.* The discoveries we share along the way left me saying yes indeedy! My opening line *and it was the telling that made things become so special between them* from Safekeeping speaks of what is now special between Becky Birtha and Mikkata ... I will read everything this woman writes. Open it up - read on ... find that something special

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