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Best Test Preparation for the McAt: Medical College Admission Test
Published in Paperback by Research & Education Assn (January, 1999)
Authors: Joseph A. Alvarez, James Ogden, and R. Chasnov
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Thank god I'm not the only one!!!
I worked through the 6 biological sections and found multiple mistakes. Eventhough my copy is from 96, they still haven't changed the test format in the 2000 revision. In fact all of the incorrect answers are still in the new book.

A few caveats; 1. the review sections aren't the worst. I read through them for a general level of understanding. For any in depth information refer to a textbook. 2. The physical science section is difficult. However, if you can work through the tests it will help..

This book is not as good as it promises to be.
Although this book does have six full exams as promised, they are not in proper mcat format and do not match the difficulty level of the real exam. It is an O.K. book if you want to reinforce the basics, but your performance on these exams would be a poor indicator on how you would do on the actual test.

what a waste
this is a really terrible book! The verbal section has only 7 passages. It really messes your timing up when you are really taking the test. Plus, the questions are a joke. The physical sciences and bio. sections are filled with errors, which required way too many calculations in a timed test. The mcat is about timing, strategy, and intelligence. This text fails at two out of these three criteria. The latter is due inheritance. And the editor claims that this text is up-to-date(Actual Publishing date is 1991).

The Best of the Argonauts: The Redefinition of the Epic Hero in Book 1 of Appollonius's Argonautica (Hellenistic Culture and Society, No 10)
Published in Hardcover by University of California Press (September, 1993)
Author: James Joseph Clauss
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