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The Best Little Whorehouse in Jericho
Published in Paperback by International Apostolic Ministries (03 September, 2002)
Author: Ernest C. Sargent III
Amazon base price: $10.00
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True Black History
Great book must read. This book reveals what racists have hidden
about black culture.

An excellent study of Blacks in Biblical History
I found this book to be fascinating. I think it should be included in every bible study class as well as in every Black History class. History would have you to believe that the only legacy for Blacks is slavery; This book dispells all the myths about Blacks in ancient history and tells the true story of Blacks during biblical times.

Black Biblical Heritage
This book is a must read for anyone interested in Black Biblical Heritage. Today most people do not understand the important role that Blacks played in the scriptures.The miseducation of the Negro, as well as the rest of the world through false Eurocentric history has left many people, blacks especially, ignorant and ashamed of their history. This book offers hope as it tells the story of the black prostitute Rehab and the dynasty of Black Kings that she gave birth to by her faith!

Best Of Bad Hemingway: Vol 1: choice entries from the harry's bar & american grill imitation hemingway competition
Published in Paperback by Harvest Books (28 April, 1989)
Author: Harry's Bar & American Grill
Amazon base price: $15.00
Used price: $1.99
Collectible price: $9.90
Buy one from zShops for: $10.67
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Quite possibly the funniest book I have ever read
Hemingway lovers and haters will be able to unite over this superlative collection of schlock Papa. The stories are universally strong, including some real gems by the likes of E.B. White, George Plimpton, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, as well as a host of uproariously funny takeoffs by less well known authors. I nearly fell over myself laughing in the bookstore when I picked up a copy and randomly started reading. Highest recommendation.

Don't need to be a Hemingway expert to love this book...
I had only read one Hemingway novel but that was enough for me to laugh at every single story. Makes a perfect pick-me-up gift for anybody struggling with a Hemingway assignment or paper...

Papa would hate it.
The pages were filled to the margins with Bad Hemingway, and it was good.

Men at War: The Best War Stories of All Time
Published in Hardcover by Random House Value Pub (February, 1992)
Authors: Ernest Hemingway and William Kozlenko
Amazon base price: $14.99
Used price: $4.77
Collectible price: $7.25
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This Best is the Best
Hemingway's introduction states: "This book has been edited in order that...boys, as they grow to the age where they can appreciate it and use it and will need it, can have [a] book that will contain truth about war as near as we can come by it." As a result of careful selection and organization, this collection of war stories accomplishes what Hemingway set out to do. As a teacher, I've found these stories useful in class -- from Caesar's notes on his invasion of Britain and Charlotte Yonge's "Pass to Thermopylae" to Aldington's heartbreaking WWI story, "At All Costs." This collection contains the works of fine writers (Faulkner, Kipling, Forester, Crane, Kipling) and historical figures (Churchill,T.Roosevelt). As a parent, I am encouraging my adolescent son to read this book so that he will understand what others have done and what he may one day be called upon to do for his country. This book will one day be rediscovered and reprinted for a modern America once again engaged in a discussion of war and courage. In the meantime, join me in being grateful for these used copies which are available at (usually) reasonable prices.

Three Cheers for Pooh: The Best Bear in All the World
Published in Hardcover by Dutton Books (October, 2001)
Authors: Brian Sibley and Ernest Shepard
Amazon base price: $16.09
List price: $22.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $15.88
Collectible price: $52.94
Buy one from zShops for: $4.70
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A magnificent, timely tribute.
This lovely publication commemorates the 75th anniversary of the publication of "Winnie-the-Pooh." It's not a storybook -- it's a sort of "biography" of Winnie-the-Pooh, the Milne family, and Ernest Shepard. The book has lots of interesting trivia for Pooh-ophiles like me and lots of quotes from the Milne stories and verse, as well as beautiful prints of some of the well-known and lesser-known Shepard illustrations. I'm not sure why the book was designed as oversize. This is a lovely, well done book that's going to have a permanent place on my shelf next to my beloved Pooh books. I love it.

Be a Home Videogame Superstar: Secrets to the Best Games for Your Atari Vcs
Published in Paperback by Delair Pub Co (June, 1987)
Authors: Ernest Zavisca and Gary Beltowski
Amazon base price: $1.95
Used price: $30.00
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Old But A Goody.
This book is old and great. it has pictures and diagrams, and some good strategies! It's also very humorous, being written in the 80's and all, how people thought these games were ingenious. :)

A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Ephesians (International Critical Commentary Series)
Published in Hardcover by T&t Clark Ltd (June, 1998)
Author: Ernest Best
Amazon base price: $85.00
Used price: $81.99
Average review score:

The "Best" technical work on Ephesians
This commentary is the fruit of Ernest Best's many years of study in this epistle. It is expensive, but very much worth it. It is one of the most readable volumes in the ICC series. Best has obviously read everything of importance on Ephesians as evidenced by his massive bibliographies. There are many excellent excursuses throughout the commentary. The excursus on "The Body of Christ" is tremendously insightful.

The introduction is thorough and includes a lengthy treatment of authorship. Best sees Ephesians as pseudonymous, but he is not as dogmatic as some (eg., A.T. Lincoln). Some of his arguments make good sense, but I am still not convinced that Ephesians MUST be written by someone other than Paul (the high number of hapax legomena not withstanding). In my opinion, Best does not deal adequately with the autobiographical information (which weighs heavily in favor of Pauline authorship). See the Ephesians commentary by Peter T. O'Brien for good arguments in favor of Pauline authorship.

Best's exegesis is of the highest caliber and evidences his many years of research. Best's interaction with other commentators is not overdone and neither are his text critical notes. However, there are some idiosyncratic interpretations, such as Best's view that the household codes in Ephesians (Haustafel), are "pastorally unrealistic" and "pastorally defective material" (pg.526), that was as irrelevant for the original readers as it is for us. Best thinks that the writer probably culled the household codes from outside the Christian community and incorporated them into this letter. There are a couple of other examples that I could mention, but will not.

Overall, Best's work is marked by careful scholarship and cogent exegesis. I used Peter T. O'Brien primarily and Best secondarily when I studied Ephesians recently and I found Best to be extremely helpful at many points.

The Best of Winnie-the-Pooh (A Gift Book and CD)
Published in Hardcover by Penguin USA (Juv) (November, 1997)
Authors: A. A. Milne, Ernest H. Shepard, and Charles Kuralt
Amazon base price: $25.00
Used price: $12.98
Collectible price: $23.75
Buy one from zShops for: $14.99
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Charles Kuralt is a bore
Several months ago, I purchased a set of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories narrated by Peter Dennis on tape. Not being able to find these on CD I purchased this CD narrated by Charles Kuralt. What a disappointment! He reads the stories with almost no inflection and absolutely no changes in character voices. If you want a really great rendition of these wonderfully funny and witty stories, seek out the ones narrated by Peter Dennis. Charles Kuralt was better at the news, with adults. Yawn!

Entertaining for kids and adults
Charles Kuralt reads these stories wonderfully...just the right sort of dry wit that I suspect A.A. Milne had in mind. My daughter falls asleep to the Pooh stories every night; first we read the book, and then she listens to the CD while she goes to sleep. Incidentally, the complete text of "Winnie-the-Pooh" ('though not "The House At Pooh Corner", as far as I know) read by Kuralt is available on audio cassette from Penguin Audiobooks.

First-rate bedtime story telling
True, this title won't leave your kids wide-eyed and jumping on the furniture, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. My 31 year-old wife has difficulty falling asleep at night after stressful days at the office, and let me tell you, Mr. Kuralt's deep, comfortable, fatherly voice does the trick every time. The readings are low-key but very well delivered--perfectly suited for the subtle genius that permeates the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. My only disappointment is that Kuralt didn't record more of Milne's 20+ Pooh stories (the CD contains 3 stories and some poems). If he had, I would have snapped them up in a heartbeat.

Book Blitz: Getting Your Book in the News: 60 Steps to a Best Seller
Published in Paperback by Best Seller Books (January, 1994)
Authors: Barbara Gaughen and Ernest Weckbaugh
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $4.25
Collectible price: $17.46
Average review score:

ok- but there are better books on subject
Check out Bill Parkhurst's HOW TO GET PUBLICITY or Levinson's GUERRILLA MARKETING FOR WRITERS. They will teach you more.

Book Blitz,Getting Your Book In the News has some good basic ideas, but nothing particularly original. In addition, it lacks the level of detail that makes some other similar books superior to it. It is not the best choice for someone looking to move their new book.

Marketing Calendar is Excellent
I just had to add my two cents after reading the other reviews. This book DOES have something unique and very useful -- a built-in marketing calendar that you can use to pace yourself when getting ready to release a book and so that you do the right things at the right times. I teach seminars on book publishing and promotion and always bring this along to hold up as a highly recommended book.

The Best Test Preparation for the AP Computer Science (A & AB) Test Preparations)
Published in Paperback by Research & Education Assn (June, 1992)
Authors: Research & Education Association and Ernest C. Ackermann
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $2.20
Buy one from zShops for: $9.99
Average review score:

Book not usfull any more
The College board has changed the test from Pascel, what this book talks about to C++, which is not covered in this book.

I have noticed many errors in this book. If you are going to buy it, please read it carefully and try to find the errors. Afterall, wouldn't that be a good way to study for an AP test?

I second the post regarding its errors. This book gets at the core of the information, but there are definately serious in many of the programs that bring it down. Having problems in the program outlines is, in my opinion, absolutely intolerable. The only thing the authors would need to do is RUN the programs on a computer. It is easier to edit than any other AP test book example--reality can check. I don't know how much I trust the book in light of these easily fixable problems. It seems to reflect a geniune lack of diligence and prudence on part of the authors. But, seeing that this book, at least as of now, has monopoly on the market; litte room to reject this book appears.

The World's Best Anatomical Chart Series: Classic Library Edition: A Comprehensive Collection of 48 Classic Anatomical Charts in a Desk Size Version
Published in Spiral-bound by Anatomical Chart Co (May, 2000)
Authors: Peter Bachin, Ernest Beck, and Anatomical Chart Company
Amazon base price: $32.17
List price: $45.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $31.94
Collectible price: $39.95

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