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Mohawk Blood: A Native American Quest
Published in Hardcover by Globe Pequot Pr (May, 1995)
Authors: Mike Baughman and Michael Baughman
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Very good book
See the previous review. He/she describes it in a nutshell. Just wanted to chime in that I had read this book and loved it. I discovered this author through another book, which was amazing: A River Seen Right. Highly recommend both books.

Some books stay with you after you have read them.
This one has stayed with me. As a nature-lover and one interested in Native American culture, I walked away from this book feeling I gained something by reading it. It is neither dense nor preachy, so it makes for an easy read. _Mohawk Blood_ is written by a descendent of the great Mohawk leader Joseph Brant, but the focus of the book is not past battles or politics. Rather, almost in a short story form, the author shares some timeless lessons learned from Brant, describes interaction with the natural world in a breathtaking manner, and touches on the socio-economic status of Native families. I could not put this book down.

A River Seen Right
Published in Hardcover by The Lyons Press (October, 1995)
Author: Michael Baughman
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The title is accurate...
This is a wonderful book, full of history and insight, and a little humor. There are even some great fishing tips for the river if one reads carefully and a little between the lines. Mr. Baughman loves the river, as does the photographer Dan Callaghan. I do too, and I hope this book inspires other people to love the river and protect it for future generations.

For those who don't know it, the North Umpqua is a Federal Wild and Scenic River, located on a Scenic Highway. There is very challenging and very rewarding fishing, but fishing is but a small measure of the N. Umpqua experience. As well as the great beauty of the main river, there are many waterfalls on feeder streams. The scenery and wildlife is great for those who move slowly and peacefully.

If you would like to learn about this river, I encourage you to read this book. If you visit the river, please help protect it; it's a treasure. Michael Baughman sees it right, too.

One book seen right
A wonderfully written tale of outdoors and flyfishing. Read this book on the advice of a friend and halfway through I was pulling out the fishing and camping gear and planning a winter trip. This book is a small treasure of a find.

Warm Springs Millennium : Voices from the Reservation
Published in Hardcover by Univ of Texas Press (December, 2000)
Authors: Mike Baughman, Mihael Baughman, Charlotte Cook Hadella, and Michael Baughman
Amazon base price: $35.00
Used price: $7.00
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Voices from the Reservation?
This book provided a view into the Warm Springs Reservation, whether or not it is a realistic view remains to be seen. The "voices" the authors chose to include in the book were not the best "voices". Some of the people interviewed were newcomers to the reservation, had only lived on the reservation for a short period of time years ago, and a couple were bigots who lived in the border town. Since the authors seemed to focus a lot on educational issues and youth issues, it would make sense to include interviews of youth. None were included. Also lacking in the book were the "voices" of tribal elders and leaders. Where were they? The authors give no explanation for the lack of these "voices". I believe that they would have provided important and informative viewpoints. Perhaps if the authors had included a list of interviews they tried to obtain, I might not have such a harsh opinion of the authors and their work.

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