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Rethinking Innateness: A Connectionist Perspective on Development (Neural Networks and Connectionist Modeling)
Published in Paperback by MIT Press (28 November, 1997)
Authors: Jeffrey L. Elman, Elizabeth A. Bates, Mark H. Johnson, Annette Karmiloff-Smith, Domenico Parisi, and Kim Plunkett
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Chomsky is dead or at least dying...
Grammar isn't encoded in our genomes. It is learned. The beginnings of the proof are here. This is an important book. Read it and it's companion: Exercises in Rethinking Innateness : A Handbook for Connectionist Simulations; which gives you hands on with the models discussed.

The Shadow Players Guide
Published in Paperback by White Wolf Publishing Inc. (February, 1997)
Authors: Tim Akers, Andrew Bates, Jackie Cassada, Trevorie Chase, Ben Chessell, Jeff Combos, Richard E. Dansky, Elizabeth Ditchburn, Beth Fischi, and Ed Huang
Amazon base price: $18.00
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Even better than the Wraith Player's Guide
Don't be fooled by the title- although it focuses on the dark side of every Wraith, this outstanding book contains tons of important information on all sorts of subjects- from exactly what your Eidolon IS, and when it comes into play, to roleplaying romance and love.

Other important topics covered include exactly how Castigation affects your Shadow- and while your Shadow is by definition your adversary, the isn't always your enemy. There is a lot more to Psyche/Shadow interaction than just "I'm the Good Guy, he's the Bad Guy."

Every Circle of Wraiths should have this one- you owe it to yourselves... and to your Shadows. :)

Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate
Published in Paperback by New Harbinger Pubns (April, 1996)
Authors: Elizabeth Pantley, William Sears, and Louise Bates Ames
Amazon base price: $11.17
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The Gotta Have Parenting Book
Kid Cooperation : How to Stop Yelling, Nagging and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate is a great book. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. This is a book that I would recommend everone to read. There are great tips on how to get your kids to cooperate, even if your child is a toddler. My son is 18 months old and has responded very well to all of the techniques that I have used in this book. He listens to me the first time I tell him to do something, instead of me having to repeat myself numerous times to the point of yelling. This book will change your life and will give you a new outlook on how to parent your children. Its a definite must-read.

The only parenting book you'll need!
The minute I saw this book on the shelf I had to have it. I wanted to stop yelling, nagging, pleading and get my kids to cooperate. Who wouldn't? I have three children and have been using the many ideas in this book since I purchased it a year and a half ago. Each time I read it - either cover to cover or just glancing over the great reminder pages - I gain more useful ideas to help me be a successful parent. As my children enter new stages in their life and new parenting challenges are faced, I have the confidence to tackle them head-on by using the techniques that I have learned in this book. I have recommended Kid Cooperation to all my friends and I highly recommend it to you as well. I can't imagine what my family life would be like if it wasn't for this first rate parenting book. It is a must have for every parent.

Life changing! A "must have" book for all parents!
Parenting would have to be the most difficult (yet rewarding!) job in the world. Of all parenting challenges, discipline is probably at the top of most parents' list. Every parent wants to raise kids who are responsible and caring people. But HOW on earth are we supposed to achieve this? Often the only blueprint we have for discipline comes from our own parents, and involves methods such as spanking and shouting, which are neither effective nor respectful to children.

Thank goodness for Elizabeth Pantley and her wonderful book Kid Cooperation: How to stop yelling, nagging and pleading and get kids to cooperate! I must admit to being somewhat sceptical when I come across claims such as those in this book title. "If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is", rings in my ears. However, I am DELIGHTED to be able to say that this book not only lives up these claims but MORE.

In Kid Cooperation, Elizabeth Pantley shares parenting skills that are LIFE CHANGING! I do not say that lightly! This book will change your life! The wonderful thing is that the skills outlined are easy to learn and implement, they actually WORK, and probably most importantly in my opinion, they are kind to and respectful of children. Elizabeth's style is very readable, positive and not at all preachy. She allows you to determine areas needing improvement in a way that leaves you feeling both hopeful and positive.

The first chapter comprises a quiz to determine your current discipline style. Are you permissive, democratic, balanced or autocratic? (I erred on the "too democratic" side!) The good news is that, whatever your current style, you CAN find help in this wonderful book.

The remaining chapters contain the gems of wisdom which fulfil the claims on the front cover! Chapter 2 teaches the keys to successful parenting - take charge; think; when you say it, mean it; use skill. Chapter 3 covers cooperation and how to achieve it in your home. Chapter 4 discusses punishment versus discipline. Chapter 5 teaches ways to build your child's self-esteem. Chapter 6 is all about sibling relationships. Chapter 7 deals with parent anger. Chapter 8 discusses ways to look after yourself and the relationship with your parenting partner. Chapter 9 consists of some common discipline questions with several suggestions on how to deal effectively with each. Each chapter ends with a very helpful "reminder page", which can be copied and placed in appropriate spots around the home. This really makes learning the new skills manageable!

Throughout the book, examples of situations and dialogue (some from the author's own family experiences) make understanding easy. Many readers will see themselves and their kids in the examples (I know I did!) Elizabeth makes it simple to identify ineffective parenting AND to replace it with techniques that actually WORK. I have personally used many of the skills taught in this book with my own child and am thrilled to report the improvement in harmony in our household. Some examples which have been particularly useful to us are the "5-3-1-go" (when leaving a playground for example), making objects talk (great for things like teeth cleaning time!), and using happy faces and sad faces on a daily chart.

I thoroughly recommend this book! My ONLY complaint is that I didn't get it when my child was younger!

Published in Audio CD by Chivers Audio Books (September, 2000)
Authors: Elizabeth Jane Howard, Alan Bates, and Diana Quick
Amazon base price: $110.95
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Beware of charming old men
I haven't heard the tapes, but I've read the book. I couldn't find a listing for the book, so I'm putting my review here.

I can just imagine those fine actors, Alan Bates and Dianna Quick giving these characters voice - Bates, especially, is perfect casting.

Henry is in his 60s, without financial means, and caretaking a small houseboat on one of England's canals. He sees himself as handsome, charming and sexually gifted - a real ladies man. He thinks he knows what women want and does his best to give it to them, but on the wrong side of 60 and with little money, his opportunities are limited. Without a partner, and burnt by experiences from lonely hearts columns, he refuses to give up, and sets his requirements down on paper. However, on a walk to the village for provisions, he notices a local cottage has been bought by a reasonably attractive woman of mature years with, most importantly, obvious signs of money. Successfully offering his services as a gardener, then caretaker of the cottage when Daisy's work takes her to America for some months, he immediately begins planning a strategy to make Daisy's money his. He rearranges his life story in a way that he thinks will make Daisy sympathetic to him, and slowly, relentlessly inveigles her into his web of deceit and lies.

Written in alternate chapters from both Henry's and Daisy's viewpoint, we read of him setting his bait, then her unknowingly taking it, then his derision of her neediness. We find out about Henry's past, or rather, the past he prefers to remember. We find out about Daisy, her two failed marriages, her estrangement from her daughter and her unexpected success as a playwright.

Despite being badly let down by two husbands, Daisy allows herself to be drawn in by what she sees as his selflessness, caring, admiration, and sexual prowess, not realising that it's all a calculated act. But fortunately for her, she's not without friends, and even though Henry eventually has her in his thrall, they are not so easily deceived.

I almost put this book down several times. I had a sour taste in my mouth most of the time I was reading - I felt something nasty was going to happen and I wasn't sure I wanted to know about it. It didn't quite happen that way, due to the intervention of people who really loved Daisy, but this could so easily be the story of many people looking for love. Beware of con-men with good stories, listen to your friends, and trust your initial instincts - all advice Daisy could have used.

Nervous making!
The previous reviewer,judithb,has written a perfect precis of the story so I won't bother repeating the story.It's the old(unfortunately) story of a lonely,vulnerable woman of sixty,still attractive and with a good,solid writing career,meeting an attractive,sexy(even at 65) man who knows a good thing when he sees it and promptly decides to make the moves on her.A con man with considerable charm,he lulls and woos her into a state of submission,and if it were not for her canny friends and daughter,would have undoubtedly destroyed her life. I became uneasy with him right from the word go and this spoiled my reading of the book as I was just waiting for the inevitable to happen.One hopes that all women will have good friends to give them a good shake if they're unfortunate enough to succumb to late life"love affairs" and rescue them before too much damage is done.

American Furniture: 1620 To the Present
Published in Hardcover by Richard Marek Pubs (October, 1987)
Authors: Elizabeth Bidwell Bates and Jonathan Fairbanks
Amazon base price: $12.98
Used price: $12.94
Collectible price: $36.95
Average review score:
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The Crosslinguistic Study of Sentence Processing
Published in Hardcover by Cambridge University Press (February, 1990)
Authors: Brian MacWhinney and Elizabeth Bates
Amazon base price: $44.95
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Daisy Bates; "the great white queen of the never never."
Published in Unknown Binding by Angus and Robertson ()
Author: Elizabeth Salter
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $12.00
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DINARS AND DIRHAMS. Coins of the Islamic Lands. The Later Period (The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art, VOL XX)
Published in Paperback by Nour Foundation (January, 2000)
Authors: Michael L. Bates, Elizabeth Savage, Isa Baidoun, others, and Elizabeth Savage, Isa Baidoun Michael L. Bates
Amazon base price: $
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Dinars And Dirhams: Coins of the Islamic Lands. The Early Period Part One and Part Two (The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art, VOL XIX)
Published in Hardcover by Oxford University Press (February, 2004)
Authors: Michael Bates and Elizabeth Savage
Amazon base price: $280.00
Average review score:
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The Domesday Book
Published in Hardcover by Tempus Pub Ltd (01 August, 2001)
Authors: Elizabeth Hallam, David Bates, and E. Hallam-Smith
Amazon base price: $39.99
Used price: $32.10
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