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Amistad: A Junior Novel
Published in Paperback by Dreamworks (December, 1997)
Authors: Joyce Annette Barnes, Steven Spielberg, David Franzoni, and Steven Zaillian
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Everyman's Book
It's shocking to discover how much of real American history gets glossed over in schools. What's the point of teaching history at all if it's edited? At that point it might as well be folk tales, interesting stories lacking any real facts. Alexs Pate's version of the events surrounding the slave ship La Amistad are easy to follow thanks to his simple, direct writing style and unique ability to describe much in a few words. While a "fictionalized" account of true events, the story is nonetheless riveting and heartwrenching, astounding and sickening to behold. I am saddened and even a little angry I have so little knowledge of how the vast majority of Africans found their way to America and the truth of how my ancestors may have considered and treated them. The author does a fine job of remaining mostly neutral on the topic himself, letting the story unfold and almost tell itself. While some Africans had it a little better than others, during pre-Civil War days and even in some cases still today, no black man was ever truly free. Amistad is a brilliant book about suffering and the strength it may bring, about how hope may prevail under the direst of circumstances, about how mistakes can save lives and doing "the right thing" might end them. A quick, powerful read anyone of any color or belief may enjoy. An excellent book for anyone readying to delve into the truth of the past instead of blandly accepting some outdated school textbook of it. Masterpiece.

Amistad is Great
This was a great book. i had to read it for a book report. To tell you the truth I hate reading. This is the first time I read the whole book for a book report, it had me hooked. Now I get to see the movie. But, I understood the wording in the book, and It's just a good book the read. And I recommend it for all age groups.

Amistad, one of the best books I' ve ever read
There is not even close to enough words to discibe this novel by Alexs Pate which is based on the motion picture. The movie I thought was great. Take my word for it the book "Amistad", brings you into even more detail than the movie. I have read a lot of books, but this book really grabbed me into really feeling like I was there. It is a sensational and emotional book that will touch your heart and show you exactly what slavery was really like. How humans went through with this unhuman way to treat people. Filled with action and emotion this is one book that has it all.

Promise Me the Moon
Published in Paperback by Puffin (January, 1999)
Authors: Joyce Annette Barnes and Thomas Hoobler
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Promise Me the Moon Review
On a scale from one to ten, I would rate this book a 6. I didn't care for it. There was nothing wrong with it. This book was about a normal teenage girl who had a boyfriend and trouble in her life. It didn't have a lot of action. There was really no point. I like books that can have action and be exciting. There was nothing special about it. This book is a lot like the Watson's Go to Birmingham-1963. It also deals with black people that have problems in their life, but it is much funnier. To make this book better, the author could have gotten into more detail or more about how the characters feel. It was written in thrid person limited. Promise Me The Moon didn't really have a good theme that went with the book title. In this book the author didn't put much thought into each chapter and event. I wouldn't recommend this book to any one that likes good detail and lots of action. I think the message delivered in this book was that no matter what other people think you can do or be whatever you want to achieve. That's what I really liked about this book.

A girl's education goes beyond the walls of her school

Annie's growing up. She wants to be an astronaut, she wants to go to the best school in the state, she wants....She's thirteen, and she's overwhelmed. When her brother invites her to spend some time in New York, she leaves that complicated life behind for a while. In the Big Apple, she gets a taste of what black artists and writers have accomplished. She is filled with inspiration, and she home goes to apply to a new high school, feeling full of dreams. The only problem is that her independent ways are misinterpreted by the very people who should understand them.

Barnes writes a compelling story. The narrative holds its form throughout the novel, and though the secondary characters needed more fleshing out, the depiction of Annie and her family ring true. The only complaint I have is a stylistic one: Barnes uses first person, present tense narration, a faddish technique which detracts from the story and makes the reader too conscious of the writer. Of course style is, as always, a matter of taste.

[My] Review
This book was a page turning, mind boggleing, "I wonder what is going to happen next" kind of book. The author choose a great personality for each and every one of the charcters in the book.
She also choose a good topic for this book.It was a fantastic love, and adventure kind of book!!!

Almost 18
Published in Paperback by 1stBooks Library (September, 2001)
Author: Joyce Annette Barnes
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The Baby Grand, the Moon in July & Me (Puffin Novel)
Published in Paperback by Puffin (July, 1998)
Author: Joyce Annette Barnes
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