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Grave Concern
Published in Paperback by AmErica House (October, 2000)
Authors: James R. Barnes and Jim Barnes
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Grave Concern is fantastic
I am a big fan of medical mysteries/thrillers. I read everything I can get my hands on. I absolutely loved Grave Concern. I read 90 percent of it in one sitting. I put it down only because I had to. The next morning I couldn't wait to see how it ended. I look forward to Dr. Barnes' next book.

Paris: Poems (Illinois Poetry Series)
Published in Paperback by Univ of Illinois Pr (Trd) (August, 1997)
Author: Jim Barnes
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an american in paris
i loved the way jim used traditional and free verse forms in writing these poems...when i read them, i don't notice the devices, they seem so natural...he gives a loving nod to the ghosts of hemingway, stein, baudelaire, and even jim can see the sights in the these poems and take the journey.

Lord Jim (Classics Illustrated)
Published in Paperback by Acclaim Books (September, 1997)
Authors: John Barnes, Joseph Conrad, and George Evans
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Can we escape our past ?
This is the central question explored by Conrad in Lord Jim. Jim is ultimately a character who inspires our sympathy due to his inability to find reconcilliation for his one tragic moment of weakness. In him we find a person of tremendous potential that remains unrealized as the tragic circumstances of his abandoning his post aboard the Patna continually haunt him and the associated guilt drives him to isolation.
Conrad successfully explores the concepts of bravery, cowardice,guilt and the alternative destinies that an individual may be driven to by these qualities.
The narrative can be a bit confusing at times as Marlowe relates the tale by recalling his encounters with Jim. The book reminded very much of Somerset Maugham's THE RAZOR"S EDGE" in style. However I believe that Maugham did a much better job of incorporating the narrator into the flow of the story. Overall LORD JIM is a wonderful classic novel that I highly recommend.

Guilt and redemption
This is the fifth book I have read by Conrad, and through these readings I have come to deeply appreciate his literary power and the perfection of his stories. Conrad has the skill to border about several similar subjects, without repeating himself. "Lord Jim" is truly a Shakespearean tragedy, mainly because of the Shakespearean nature of the main character. Jim is a young naval officer with high hopes of heroism and moral superiority, but when he faces his first test of courage, he miserably fails. While 800 Muslim pilgrims are asleep aboard the ship "Patna", Jim discovers that the boat is about to sink. There are not sufficient lifeboats for everybody. Should he wake them up or not? He gets paralyzed with fear and then sudenly jumps into a boat being set up by the rest of the officers. He is taken to trial and disposessed of his working licence.

Ashamed and humiliated, Jim dedicates the rest of his life to two things: escape the memory of that fateful night, and redeem himself. This agonizing quest to recover his dignity in front of his own eyes leads him to hide in a very remote point in the Malayan peninsula, where he will become the hero, the strong man, the wise protector of underdeveloped, humble and ignorant people. Jim finds not only the love of his people, but also the love of a woman who admires him and fears the day when he might leave for good. The narrator, Captain Marlow (the same of "Heart of Darkness") talks to Jim for the last time in his remote refuge, and then Jim tells him that he has redeemed himself by becoming the people's protector. Oh, but these things are never easy and Jim will face again the specter of failure.

Conrad has achieved a great thing by transforming the "novel of adventures" into the setting for profound and interesting reflections on the moral stature of Man, on courage, guilt, responsibility, and redemption.

Just as in "Heart of Darkness" the question is what kinds of beings we are stripped of cultural, moral and religious conventions; just as in "Nostromo" the trustworthiness of a supposedly honest man is tested by temptation, in "Lord Jim" the central subject is dignity and redemption after failure.

A great book by one of the best writers.

a delicate picture of rough brutality
After reading this book (along with several other of Conrad's books) I am under the impression that Joseph Conrad may very well be my favorite author. Here is another masterpiece, a deeply incisive study of character of the motivation and the ultimate failure of all high-minded ideals. Granted my own personal world view falls directly in line with this realization and therefore prejudices me towards anything the man might write, but, when considering such a lofty title as 'favorite author' one must regard other aspects of the novelist's creation. As with the others, Conrad wins by the power of his stories.

Lord Jim is my least favorite of the the four books I have read by Conrad. The story is rather scattered: a righteous young man does something wrong that he holds himself far too accountable for and the public shame the action brought him exaggerates the reality of his failure and makes him believe the rumors swirling around about his so-called cowardice. He spends the remainder of his life trying to reclaim his self-regard, mostly exaggerating his own importance in matters he hardly understands. His goal is to liberate the primitive people of the jungle paradise he inadvertantly finds himself in (due to an effort to escape every particle of the world he once inhabited) and his once high-minded ideals and regard for himself lead him to allow those people to consider him almost a God.

Jim likes being a God and considers himself a just and fair one. He treats everyone equally and gives to his people the knowledge of modern science and medicine as well as the everyday archetecture and understanding of trade that those primitive folks would otherwise be years from comprehending.

Of course everything ends in failure and misery and of course Jim's restored name will be returned to its demonic status, but the whole point of the novel seems to me that one can not escape their past. Jim, for all his courage in the line of fire has tried to avoid all memory of the once shameful act of his former life and by doing so becomes destined to repeat his mistakes.

Lord Jim is far more expansive than the story it sets out to tell, ultimately giving a warning on the nature of history and general humanity that only a writer of Conrad's statue could hope to help us understand.

If there is a flaw it is not one to be taken literally. Conrad was a master of structural experimentation and with Lord Jim he starts with a standard third person narrative to relate the background and personalities of his characters and then somehow merges this into a second person narrative of a man, years from the events he is relating, telling of the legend of Jim. It is a brilliant innovation that starts off a little awkward and might lead to confusion in spots as the story verges into its most important parts under the uncertain guidence of a narrator who, for all his insight into others, seems unwilling to relate his personal relevence to the story he is relating.

Nevertheless (with a heartfelt refrain), one of the best books I have ever read.

The Book of Shadows: The Mage Players Guide: The Sourcebook for Players and Storytellers of Mage (Mage)
Published in Paperback by White Wolf Publishing Inc. (February, 1995)
Authors: Phil Brucato, Bill Bridges, Steve Brown, Emrey Barnes, Jim Moore, Beth Fischi, Harry Heckel, and Lawrence Snelly
Amazon base price: $18.00
Used price: $3.00
Collectible price: $12.95
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Out of date
I've played mage for a few years now, before third edition graced the shelves, and I found that this book was not terribly helpful. While it had several high points, the extra skills included on a whole could be gained by taking a specialty in an already listed skill. The merit and flaw section was interesting, with the publication of revised and third edition, it's no longer needed. The expanded tradition sections, were helpful, but sense the publication of third edition, they are no longer up to date and to be honest, if you want to know about traditions The Traditions Gathered set of books is a far better resource. While The Book of shadows is an interesting read, it's definitely not a required resource for mage.

A good oldie showing it's age
This is a good book which has a lot of information to make your character richer (merits and flaws, extra skills, more detailed information on each Tradition, the Technocracy and others, etc.). However, most of the sections in this book are beginning to show their age, as the information presented here has been revised and updated to much more practical information in several other Mage books. The section with the parables, though, is still one of my favorite Mage reads.

More useful than great
The book of shadows, which was written between the publishing of the 1st and second editions of Mage, is at this point slightly "behind the times," especially what with the release of Mage 3rd edition. Somewhere between irrelevant and necessary. Has some good basic material on the various Mage fringes, as well as a lot of expanded stuff for character creation.

Fiction of Malcolm Lowry and Thomas Mann: Structural Tradition
Published in Hardcover by Truman State University Press (March, 1990)
Author: Jim Barnes
Amazon base price: $42.00
Used price: $37.05
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Numbered Days
Published in Hardcover by New Odyssey Pr (June, 1998)
Authors: Dagmar Nick and Jim Barnes
Amazon base price: $22.00
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101 Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Applications
Published in Paperback by Microsoft Press (28 May, 2003)
Authors: 3 Leaf Solutions, Patrick Barnes, Sean Campbell, Bob Carver, Kris Horrocks, Jim Pragit, Oz Rugless, and Scott Swigart
Amazon base price: $27.99
List price: $39.99 (that's 30% off!)
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Advertising and The Business of Brands
Published in Paperback by Copy Workshop (01 February, 2001)
Authors: Bruce H. H. Bendinger, Ann Maxwell, Beth Barnes, Elizabeth Tucker, Anthony McGann, Robert Gustafson, Carla Lloyd, Tom Jordan, Jon Wardrip, and Jim Avery
Amazon base price: $50.00
Used price: $42.02
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American Book of the Dead
Published in Paperback by Univ of Illinois Pr (Trd) (May, 1982)
Author: Jim Barnes
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $10.00
Collectible price: $23.29
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The book : contains 30 years of Top 40 chart history incorporating Top Forty Research, 1956-1977
Published in Unknown Binding by Top Forty Research Services ()
Author: Jim Barnes
Amazon base price: $
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