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Florida's Hurricane History
Published in Hardcover by Univ of North Carolina Pr (October, 1998)
Authors: Jay Barnes and Neil Frank
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Excellent Resource On Florida Hurricanes
What a great book. We've enjoyed the stories of the memorable storms like Donna, Andrew, and Opal and the effect theyve had on generations of Florida residents. The 1926 Miami and 1928 Okeechobee are well covered. Also very interesting reading on those storms we've never heard of. The photographs are stunning-and frightening. Its organized well, and the reading is not too technical. It stays on our coffee table.

Finally, a comprehensive collection of Florida storms.
Great photos, and all the detail you could ever want on Florida hurricanes. The survival stories are frightening! All the weather data is there. It's a great resource for us hurricane junkies!

North Carolina's Hurricane History
Published in Hardcover by Univ of North Carolina Pr (June, 1998)
Author: Jay Barnes
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Rich Reference on the Tarheel State's Hurricanes

The author, an aquarium director in coastal North Carolina, does a remarkable job (especially for a non-meteorologist) of documenting the impact of every hurricane which affected North Carolina since 1875. Each storm -- including some hurricanes that made landfall elsewhere but passed across the state -- gets its own narrative which variews in length according to the storm's impact. Fran (1996), the costliest and fifth deadliest hurricane in state history, gets big coverage with 32 pages. The chronological stories of each storm are spread across several chapters covering most of the book, which are in turn sandwiched between a general introduction to hurricanes and a chapter on Nor'easters. The final few chapters -- on Nor'easters (cold core winter cyclones), hurricane effects on fauna, potential for future danger, and hurricane safety -- appear roughly cobbled together as if there were no logical order for them. Still, the collection of stories of animals' life and death in North Carolina hurricanes is quite interesting, and unique among books dealing with the impact of weather phenomena.

For a historical volume, the writing style is engaging, vividly descriptive and occasionally humorous. Nowhere else in weather related literature have I read about local speech patterns ("Hoigh toide on the sound soide") together with graphic descriptions of mayhem's aftermath, like "...battered caskets and bones lay scattered, unearthed by the hurricane's menacing storm surge."

Some of the stories of human survival, heroism and death in hurricanes are more bizarre and ghastly than fiction could conjure. These tales, together with an accurate factual record of the storms and a rich collection of black and white photos, show the tremendous effort and attention to detail by Barnes in his historical research.

The book does suffer aesthetically from its drab printing, with only cover color, by UNC Press. Such obvious parsimony, unfortunately, exemplifies the policies of many university-affiliated presses. But since substance trumps form; I deem this to be a fine non-technical addition to the literature of any hurricane enthusiast.

Feet of Destruction
A very exciting and enjoyable book!! Not many books chronicling such subjects as the immense power and effects of nature, so well balance facts relative to and its influence on us. A detailed view high up through the eyes of mother nature provides account of the lethal choreography of her daughters most dangerous dance as she makes entrance to the stage by way of North Carolina.

Once again Jay Barnes has outdone himself with a very informative and educational book about the destruction and aftermath that Hurricanes cause to the east coast of the United States.Being a resident of North Carolina for the forty seven years of my life I can relate to his book with personal conviction and enthusiasm.I have experienced numerous hurricanes on my own from up close and from afar and Jay has captured these moments and others with remarkable exactness!This is a must read book for anyone interested in the unbelievable effects of Mother Nature at her best being for personal information or educational purposes! It is obvious Mr. Barnes has done his homework throughly and I anxiously await further editions and updates of future endeaveors that Jay Barnes has to offer!

Good Food Today, Great Kids Tomorrow: 50 Things You Can Do for Healthy, Happy Children
Published in Paperback by Michael Wiese Productions (September, 1994)
Authors: Jay Gordon and Antonia Barnes Boyle
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A good choice for vegetarian parents
Gordon, a pediatrician from Malibu, California, covers this book with endorsements from some of the celebrity parents of his patients (among them Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan.)

What this book doesn't tell you on the cover is that it advocates a vegetarian diet for children. Which isn't bad in and of itself, but if you're looking for a more general childhood nutrition book you may want to include another book on your list.

There is a section of good vegetarian recipes in the back, and a plan to help your family eliminate meat and dairy products from its diet.

He's right! AAARRRGH!
Yes, he does reccommend a vegetarian diet for children. And...he tells us exactly WHY. This book is thoughtfully written and has easy to understand explanations of food and how it effects our (children's) bodies. I found myself questioning what I thought was healthy eating for toddlers. This is a great book that lacks recipes. I want to know what snacks to take to the beach and on a long car car drive - you can only eat so much fruit! And beans & rice are not finger food.

The Bedtime Beast (Real Readers)
Published in Library Binding by Raintree/Steck Vaughn (April, 1990)
Authors: Jay Hulbert and Rowan Barnes-Murphy
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Starting in the Office: A Pack of Office and Reception Assignments (Macmillan Modern Office Series)
Published in Paperback by Palgrave Macmillan (13 November, 1989)
Author: Jay Barnes
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Systems and Project Management
Published in Paperback by Cima (June, 2002)
Authors: Jay Barnes and Sue Seamour
Amazon base price: $44.95
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