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Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Testing
Published in Hardcover by Interscience (April, 1999)
Authors: Jewel B. Barlow, William H. Rae, and Alan Pope
Amazon base price: $120.00
Used price: $50.88
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The only wind tunnel book available
This is the only book that contains everything one needs to know about sub sonic wind tunnel. For students doing a project or a course in experimental fluid mechanics, or those whose work involve aerodynamics, this will be a good reference. Anyone who has been through fluid mechanics courses during their undergraduate years know the importance of wind tunnel testing. This book covers topics from wind tunnel designs, to measurements, boundary corrections, testing procedures and the nonaeronautical applications of wind tunnel.
However, as wind tunnel is initialy design and most widely use in the study of aeronautics, one needs to have some knowledge in aerodynamics in order to fully understand and appreciate this book.

The classic "must-have" for wind tunnel test work
The original is the one book everyone in the wind tunnel test area had open on their desk. It covered everything from overall theory of aerodynamic testing to details of wind tunnel design. The revision brings it up to date with use of computers and digital test gear.

Leyendas De Espana
Published in Paperback by NTC/Contemporary Publishing Co. (September, 1997)
Authors: Genevieve Barlow and William Stivers
Amazon base price: $15.50
Used price: $14.00
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Leyendas de Espana in level 3 Spanish class
This is an awesome book for general level 3 or advanced level 2 high school Spanish classes. The students can read with minimal dictionary work, they are able to use the footnotes and glossary. These can be used in the classroom for enhance a unit on Spain. High student interest.

Leyendas mexicanas
Published in Paperback by NTC/Contemporary Publishing Co. (December, 1996)
Authors: Genevieve Barlow and William N. Stivers
Amazon base price: $35.25
Used price: $6.54
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Leyendas Mexícanas
"Leyendas Mexícanas" is a collection of eighteen Mexican legends. Each story is a delight to read. The legends reflect events from approximately 1,500 years of the country's history and folklore of Mexico. The tales introduce an array of memorable characters (from animals, gods, goddesses, ancient rulers and warriors) of the Mexican Republic.They are truly authenthic legends. One of my favorite is "El León y El Grillo." I love the way the little crickett outsmarts the lion. And "Atzima, la Princesa" it a legend of true love. Readers will learn how these characters resolved the dilemas that confronted them: some with great chourage, and others with remarkable ingenuity. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the rich cultural heritage of Mexico like I do.

The Cichlid Fishes: Nature's Grand Experiment in Evolution
Published in Hardcover by Perseus Publishing (25 October, 2000)
Authors: George W. Barlow and George Christopher Williams
Amazon base price: $28.00
Used price: $12.95
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Very academic.
Cichlid fishes have personality. Every home aquarist knows this. However, this book, long on fact and science is short on explaining why these fish do the things they do. In the last chapter, the author editorializes about how if bad things can happen to fishes then bad things can perhaps happen to mankind. But, I've always viewed cichlid fishes as one of the happy things about life and not as a metaphor for our doom. Perhaps the author would be better served with a tankful of guppies.

Excellent addition the natural history collection!
The first thing that needs to be said about this book is that it is NOT a book about keeping cichlids in aquariums. I think that is a misconception some people may get since cichlids are such popular aquarium subjects. If you're looking for information on cichlids in the aquarium, you need to hunt down books by Paul Loiselle or Ad Konings. This is a book about evolutionary science.

The cichlids are really the animal darlings of the evolution field in the same sense that the Galapagos Islands are the geographical Mecca. This book focuses on cichlids from the African Great Lakes: Malawi., Victoria, and Tanganyika. The populations in these lakes have been isolated and thus present a wonderful living experiment in evolution and speciation. The New World members of Cichlidae aren't forgotten - there's plenty of examples from them too.

The text doesn't delve too deeply into scientific theory. It's still a relatively easy read for the layperson. Its aim is to explain why the cichlids fascinate biologists and evolutionists - without getting overly technical. It achieves that goal admirably.

The bibliography is worth the cover price. There are 23 pages of small-print references and a numerical guide to citations by chapter.

If you're an aquarist with an interest in the science behind the fish, a scientist with little experience with fish or evolution, or a "normal" person wondering what all the fuss is about, this is a good choice.

Well done: Real aquarist needs evolutionary aspects
Clear, understandable and enjoyable, Mr Barlow's book helped me gain much insight about the evolutionary aspects of cichlid behaviours. Some of the cited examples for behavioral patterns are really spectacular! Male C. nicaraguense cichlids protecting the young of a foreign species, C. dovi, a large predatory cichlid species in Lake Nicaragua... I have never heard of something like that among fish. And the reasoning behind this behavior in the evolutionary sense... Or catfish raising the babies of cichlids in Malawi lake... It is always a new surprise to me to see once again how inventive the evolution is.

This is the kind of book I like most; based on scientific facts but written in a reader friendly manner, fully understandable and enjoyable. Thanks to spectacular examples and their clear explanations, very interesting too...

Stories from Mexico : Historias de Mexico
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books (11 January, 1995)
Authors: Genevieve Barlow and William N. Stivers
Amazon base price: $9.56
List price: $11.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $7.17
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Good Spanish Starter
This soft-covered book of 140 pages contains 16 Mexican legends spanning >1500 years. These are easy, enjoyable stories to read, especially appropriate for the early Spanish learner. Having side-by-side English translation is immensely helpful [though in the back of the book there is an additional appropriate dictionary]. Few of the complicated Spanish verb forms, viz., subjunctive, are found which is a minor point. All the legends are popular Mexican legends, appropriate for young and old.

I have only one reservation with one story [content]: #16, The Bed of Roses [Un lecho de rosas] which manages to portray Hernan Cortez as a victim of this own army in his reluctance to torture the Aztec leaders Cuautemoc and Tacuba for their treasures. One can only sigh and agree with the wag who stated that history is strictly written by the victors.

Nevertheless, the short stories are on the whole easy, entertaining and informative for all who wish to either brush up or test Spanish as a second language. I suggest purchasing this reasonably priced book if these are your goals.

Perfect for improving Spanish reading skills
Stories from Mexico/Historias de Mexico is a wonderful book for improving Spanish reading skills. In fact, the other two books in the series, Stories From Spain and Stories From Latin America are equally great. Each book makes wide and varied use of vocabulary so that each one of the books teaches new words. The translations are usually extremely faithful, which is important when the point is to build vocabulary knowledge and not literary beauty. These books are even great for teaching English to Spanish speaking ESL students. While spending my summer in Costa Rica I used Historias de Mexico with one of my English students and she loved it. The stories are short, so one does not become frustrated and they are very entertaining. Buy this book! I would LOVE to see a professional recording come out on this series.

Great way to enjoy reading Spanish for an intermediate
Because the stories are ancient stories that reflect themes still used in modern Latin America the reading is interesting for older readers while still being easy enough for beginners and intermediates. Reading is much more pleasurable when, in difficult sections, one doesn't have to go searching through a separate dictionary. Translations are not literal and therefore instructive in phraseology. I found this to be a refreshing alternative. I can suggest a new magazine out called Mi Gente which also does English and Spanish side by side on current Latin American issues.

Stories from Spain
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books (11 June, 1999)
Authors: Genevieve Barlow and William N. Stivers
Amazon base price: $9.56
List price: $11.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $7.49
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Honest review.
I have read both this Book and also "Stories from Puerto Rico",both of which I thoroughly enjoyed,and found very educational from a grammatical and vocabulary point of view. As a student of the language I appreciate the Authors's efforts. Both books would certainly have received 5\5 but for the dictionary at the end of each book.This I feel is uneccessary,and in each case accounts for almost 1\3 of each book.That space could surely have been taken up with more stories.In any event one has the translation,on both sides, so why the need for the dictionary.

Very good for intermediate Spanish
Genevieve Barlow's Stories from Spain is part of a series of bilingual books containing legends from Spanish-speaking countries. (See my anonymous review of Barlow's Stories from Latin America, 15 April 2000). This is a good book for anyone learning intermediate Spanish. It contains eighteen legends from Spain, and through these stories, some of which date back to the Moors' conquest of Spain, one can get a sense of Spanish history and culture.

Although I enjoyed the tales, I don't think the book is as good as Stories from Latin America. In that collection, the stories are roughly four pages in length; in this book, they are only two pages long (two pages each of English and Spanish). The writing seems a bit simplified and at times I felt that I was reading summaries of more intricate, and richer, legends. Also, an English-Spanish vocabulary section at the end takes up nearly one-third of the book, leaving only 113 pages for the stories themselves (as opposed to Stories from Latin America, whose sixteen tales total some 149 pages).

I'm glad I have both books in my collection, as this type of book is hard to come by. If you can afford to buy both, read Stories from Spain first, as the writing is a little bit simpler. If you can only afford to buy one, I'd go with Stories from Latin America.

Great true dual translation book
This is a true bilingual book in Spanish and English. I love the format of presenting the Spanish on one page and the English equivalent on the facing page. You can easily go from one to the other. Because the stories are short and pretty basic, if you are trying to learn Spanish it is a great tutoring tool. You should already know some basic Spanish before reading the book, but for the intermediate or advanced beginner it is a great way to increase your vocabulary and practice correct sentence structure. In addition, the stories are from Spain and so teach some of the history and legends to help you get a feel for the country. Finally, there is a small dictionary at the back of the book that contains most of the words that you might encounter in the text.

Whether you use it for a review, to learn Spanish, to increase your Spanish vocabulary or just like the stories, it is a great little book and this style of dual translation books is highly recommended as an adjunct to a Spanish course of any type to recommend to speed your learning of a foreign language.

From Cakewalks to Concert Halls: An Illustrated History of African American Popular Music from 1895 to 1930
Published in Paperback by Elliott & Clark Pub (August, 1993)
Authors: Thomas L. Morgan and William Barlow
Amazon base price: $21.95
Used price: $25.00
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I think that this book provided me with great knowledge about African American music in the early years. It went into great depth and was easy to read. Great for research papers.

Brilliant, complete
An amazing resource. Morgan has forgotten more than most people will ever know about the history of jazz. Spectacular work!

William Rufus
Published in Paperback by Yale Univ Pr (May, 2000)
Author: Frank Barlow
Amazon base price: $20.00
Used price: $18.40
Buy one from zShops for: $18.40
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remarkable detail on a rare subject
I was impressed with the amount of detail on William Rufus by Frank Barlow. He pieced together a time in English history that seems to be looked over by most historians. Barlow makes a strong analytical approach to dispelling public perception of William Rufus. He makes sure you understand that the remaining documentaton on William Rufus is so fragmented. And that that does remain is from one point of view, the Church which obvouisly does not favor William Rufus. Barlow points out William II was a more capable ruler than most give him credit for and this angle is enough to make this book a must read for those interested in Norman History and the English crown.

a look at a forgotten king
William Rufus (William the Red), second son of William the Conquer,took over England while his older brother's back was turned and ruled it for little over a decade before being killed in a strange hunting "accident" in the New Forest. That's about all the space he gets in history today, except the claims that he was a homosexual, an atheist, an all-round bad person and the less said the better. While this book takes pains to look at and question these charges,it is not the only subject that the author deals with in William's regin. Despite being a "wild and crazy guy" and running a court that looks like a frat house, William seems also to have been an able adminstor, a good diplomat and a strong enough miltary leader to keep his elder brother out of England and the Saxons quiet. I enjoied this book, one of the few on the subject and a serious study of it's subject. A good source on a rare subject.

Split Image: African Americans in the Mass Media
Published in Hardcover by Howard University Press (June, 1990)
Authors: Jannette Dates and William Barlow
Amazon base price: $29.95
Used price: $14.95
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Anger Control Training
Published in Paperback by Speechmark Publishing Limited ()
Authors: Emma E. Williams and Rebecca Barlow
Amazon base price: $
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