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On the Banks of the Bayou
Published in Paperback by HarperTrophy (October, 1998)
Authors: Roger Lea MacBride and Dan Andreasen
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Big Red Apple doesn't fall far from the tree
Delightful glimpse into Rose's life away from home and adds another layer of complexity to the bossy sister-struggling teacher-go to it gal in the form of Eliza Jane. I don't doubt for a minute most of this volume is true to word, especially the emergence of Rose's feminist/socialist values.

Fun for kids, equally interesting to this adult.

Charming Story
This book is excelent. Its a great addition to the Rose years. I think this story is quite interesting and it shows how difficult growing up is , no matter what time in history! Its a book girls can relate to and its also very pleasant to read.

An excelent book
On the Banks of the Bayou is a wonderful story of Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter, Rose, who leaves her home in the Ozarks to finish high school in Louisiana. She stays with her Aunnt Eliza Jane. The city is full of excitment, and Rose discovers she is an independent women with stong hoppes and dreams.

Interior Inspirations: Roger Banks-Pye, Colefax and Fowler
Published in Hardcover by Bulfinch Press (April, 1997)
Authors: Roger Banks-Pye, James Merrell, Colefax and Fowler, and Nonie Niesewand
Amazon base price: $19.99
List price: $45.00 (that's 56% off!)
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only for die-hard fans of traditional and country
I like to think of myself as having an eclectic style; I have many influences. I like some country and traditional elements. I had heard favorable things about Colefax and Fowler, so I thought this book would be a good representation of English country style. If this is the best, I would hate to see the worst. I don't think readers that want to explore English country should start with this book. It might turn them off. However, long-time fans of tradional and country styles might derive more benefit.

excellent suggestions
I am an interior decorator, and this book has wonderful suggestions for the beginner and seasoned pro. I abosolutely loved the ideas, and I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in decorating!

essential decorating reference book
Having seen interior shots of homes decorated by the late Roger Banks-Pye I was quite keen to see a collected body of his work. It was as impressive as I thought it would be. Quirky - yes, inspiring - definitely, Banks-Pye would have gone on to be one of the major names in decorating and design. From his unique treatment of his apartment (formerly owned by Somerset Maugham) to his signature blue and white style found in his country home, everything about Interior Inspirations merely made one want to see more of his design principles. A very good idea source, and sadly, the sole compendium of Banks-Pye's work. Don't miss this classic if you like rooms that are warm, inviting, and eccentrically eclectic!

The Guide To Investing In Small Bank Stocks
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Douglas Hughes ()
Authors: Rogers Mike, douglas hughes, and Rogers
Amazon base price: $17.99
Average review score:

Caveat emptor
While I don't disagree with the reviewers below that the investing advice is potentially useful, I was very apalled at the size of this book. I knew it was going to be small, but this is ridiculous. It is listed as 40 pages in length. But 8 of these are completely BLANK -- with only the heading "Notes". And the text starts on page 6. There are only 27 pages of content. And many of these contain only a few sentences with 75% whitespace.

Before buying, be aware that you're paying almost $1 per page, and will have absorbed the book's contents in under 5 minutes. Personally, I feel cheated.

simple great advise on how to invest in small banks.
Basic advise on how to invest in small bank stocks. The author cuts to the chase with easy simple reading as investing should be. This book doesn't waste your time it gives you what you need to know on how to invest in these thinly traded bank stocks. Buy it and keep it on your desk.

A must read for the novice bank investor.
Wow! This guide gives you the questions that must be asked before investing in any of the smaller community bank stocks as well as regional banks. It also gives you things to look for to protect your downside and to find the next takeover target. Easy reading that will make you money. Buy it now and keep it on your office desk.

Music: an Appreciation: Instructor's Manual/test Bank
Published in Unknown Binding by McGraw-Hill Education - Europe (01 June, 1996)
Author: Roger Kamien
Amazon base price: $
Average review score:

Well done, with shortcomings
This is an excellent text for a survey course strictly on the history of western classical music. Kamien's experience and scholarship as a teacher and historian cannot be equalled in this area. I don't recommend the chapters on non-western music, jazz and popular music, however. If you are teaching a survey course that is more inclusive, this text is not ideal. Of all the western classical music texts I have used in my teaching, Kamien's accompanying CD compilation contains the nicest performances.

A very comprehensive introduction to music.
I have used this text and earlier editions teaching music appreciation at community college and have found it to be the best yet so far. The most useful part of the text for the [before class] non-active listener are the listening outlines, with very detailed descriptions of what to listen for in various pieces of music. Kamien includes very early musical selections up to the very recent. Also included are some non-western music examples. This text could be very beneficial to musician and non-musician alike. There is great detail in his explanations of how various musical forms are put together. There is just enough history included in the text to avoid the boredom of the purely historical perspective of music appreciation.

The Big Four British Banks: Organization, Strategy and the Future
Published in Hardcover by Palgrave Macmillan (November, 1999)
Author: David Rogers
Amazon base price: $75.00
Used price: $45.73
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Useful study on how to aviod strategic blunders
U. S. academic Dave Rogers wrote this book while based at the London Business School. It follows an earlier study on the US banking system. The focus here is on the so-called 'Big Four' British commercial banks - Lloyds, Barclays, Natwest and Midland and in particular how they navigated their way through the radical restructuring of the banking system in the mid 1980s called the 'Big Bang.'

Roger's interest is in explaining how the culture of organisations impacts on the strategies they develop. His work is not heavily quantitative and it is largely based on personal interviews with senior individuals in the banking sector. Most remarkable about the strategies of the Big Four in the 1990s was that three of them had no strategy at all. Barclays', Natwest and Midland raced to expand into providing a full range of financial and brokering services as soon as deregulation allowed. Cumulatively they lost billions of pounds, destroyed shareholder value and failed to achieve their aim of becoming international 'global banking' firms. Lloyds was the only exception, choosing in the 1980s and 1990s to emphasis commercial (retail) banking and in the process becoming the most successful and highest capitalised of the British banks.

What was the key difference? In Roger's terms Lloyds' succeeded because they alone of the big four developed a rigorous strategic plan to direct their policies by emphasising doing only those things that made money. In contrast the big three spent hundreds of millions of pounds in doubtful acquisitions and disastrous loans, none of which were based on careful strategic planning. Copying behaviour, a competition to be 'number one' in the UK and - one is forced to conclude - sheer stupidity led these banks into loosing billions.

Rogers is a very able writer and although an academic study his subject matter makes for fascinating reading. The book will be valuable to anyone interested in the importance of strategic planning and how it intersects with organisational culture. At this price, though, try getting your library to order a copy.

A Case for Aid: Building Consensus for Development Assistance
Published in Paperback by World Bank (August, 2002)
Authors: James D. Wolfensohn, Nicholas Stern, United Nations International Conference on Financing for Development, and Roger D. Cowe
Amazon base price: $18.95
Used price: $17.90
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Well-Informed and Hopeful View of International Development
This book by the World Bank indicates how dramatic and lasting the progress against global poverty has been in the past 50 years. It also shows how dramatically the Bank's own understanding has risen, even in the past decade, of how to make its efforts more effective in relieving poverty and achieving other development goals. These two themes form the basis for the World Bank's visionary thesis: that eradicating much of the poverty, ill health, and illiteracy around the world is within reach.

The World Bank is full of optimism. Then again, it shows good reason for this outlook. It outlines the substantial advances that have been made over the past few decades in poverty reduction and advances in health and education in the developing world, identifying the World Bank's role in these advances, as one component of a complex, cooperative effort. For instance, the Bank indicates that:
•Over the past 40 years, life expectancy at birth in developing countries has increased by 20 years - about as much as was achieved in all of human history prior to the middle of the 20th century.
•Over the past 30 years, illiteracy in the developing world has been cut nearly in half, from 47 percent to 25 percent in adults.
•Over the past 20 years, the absolute number of people living on less than $1 a day, after rising steadily for the last 200 years, has for the first time begun to fall, even as the world's population has grown by 1.6 billion people.

The book's main message is that foreign development aid is reaching a level of sophistication that translates into dramatic improvements in the human condition like never before. This aid is lifting people out of poverty, improving their health and education, and contributing to the stability and security of the entire world. As the book says, "Aid is not simply a transfer payment for the consumption of poor people, but an investment in improved policies and institutions. The best aid finances the costs of change, rather than the costs of not changing."

The Bank's vision is grand and inspiring. This is far more than a financial treatise; it is instead a bold blueprint for raising the human condition throughout the globe. With such reach, it touches on much of the agenda for foreign affairs, and makes for compelling reading for anyone concerned with international relations. As the Bank aspires, "we must make globalization stand for common humanity, not for commercial brands or competitive advantage."

Safe Disposal of Hazardous Wastes: The Special Needs and Problems of Developing Countries (World Bank Technical Paper, No. 93)
Published in Paperback by World Bank (February, 1990)
Authors: Roger Batstone, James E. Smith, and David Wilson
Amazon base price: $26.00
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hazardous wastes treatment
treatment technology , hazardous wastes ,solidification ,stabilitation,chemical fixation

Aid and Agricultural Extension: Evidence from the World Bank and Other Donors (World Bank Technical Paper, No 87)
Published in Paperback by World Bank (November, 1989)
Authors: Michael Baxter, John Howell, and Roger H. Slade
Amazon base price: $7.95
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Aspects of the Training and Visit System of Agricultural Extension in India: A Comparative Analysis (World Bank Staff Working Papers, No 656)
Published in Paperback by World Bank (August, 1984)
Authors: Gershon Feder and Roger Slade
Amazon base price: $5.95
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Bank Behavior, Regulation, and Economic Development: California, 1860-1910 (The Financial Sector of the American Economy)
Published in Hardcover by Garland Pub (January, 1993)
Author: Roger Charles Lister
Amazon base price: $20.00
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