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Essentials of Immunohematology
Published in Hardcover by W B Saunders (15 January, 1998)
Authors: John C., Jr., Ph.D. Flynn and Selma Kaszczuk
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This book really helped me in understanding the essentials of blood banking, where as I only had 3 weeks to learn everything about it. I sat down one night and read this book and everything fell into place and seemed so easy after reading this very cut to the chase book that tells you the info that you need to know without dragging it out and making it boring! Best text book I have ever had!

This book is a treasure for me!
I am working in a company which is dealing with medical products and I am assigned to handle blood bank products. As my educational background was pharmacy, it was so hard for me to understand the routine procedure performed in a blood bank and the knowledge itself until I read this book. This is an amazing book designed to teach you step by step in a very simple way to understand about immunohematology. So after reading this book, I felt well-equipped and more confident in doing my job. Thanks God in finding this book.

Money, Interest, and Banking in Economic Development (The Johns Hopkins Studies in Development)
Published in Paperback by Johns Hopkins Univ Pr (March, 1995)
Author: Maxwell J. Fry
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A Service to the Profession
This book is excellent. It covers a wide variety of topics and areas of interest, including the theory about finance and development, econometric evidence, and institutional issues. It is a great service to the economic profession and to any one interested in what a growing financial system means to the developing world. Unfortunately, it does not cover the important topic of financial crisis, which is clearly relevant to the developing world today; but it offers a solid and broad look at the arguments and issues of financial development in tranquil circumstances.

centeral bank

Ribbon of Sand: The Amazing Convergence of the Ocean and the Outer Banks
Published in Hardcover by Algonquin Books (May, 1992)
Authors: James Lazell and John R. Alexander
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I purchased this book to learn more about the Outer Banks, which I have long wished to visit and where we will spend a week this summer. It is an amazingly interesting and informative book. Geology, geography, biology, weather, ecology, politics, and more are all discussed as is the importance of each in relation to the others. I found the book engrossing and would recommend it even if you are not going to this unique area of the world. Now when the kids ask me why there is a forest in the dunes I will be able to tell them and I will be much better able to appreciate the beauty of the place.

Man and Nature on a Tiny Strip of Land
I picked this book up during a recent week's stay on Topsail Island (one of the southernmost of the Outer Banks). Having never read a book on natural history or the ecology, I was prepared for the paper-pulp equivalent of Sominex.

Never have I been more wrong in my preconceptions about a book. Ribbon of Sand captures PERFECTLY the true mystique of North Carolina's Outer Banks -- how a half-mile wide band of barrier islands survive both because of nature . . . and in spite of it. Each segment of the book ties together both human and natural history. How the wind the shapes the wonderfully high dunes near Kill Devil provided the Wright Brothers with the means to test their gliders and to develop the first airplane. How shifting tides and currents that continue to shape the Outer Banks both abetted . . . and spelled doom for Blackbeard the Pirate.

In short, Ribbon of Sand captured my imagination and instilled in me a greater appreciation for the fragile balance of nature and man on the Outer Banks. I very highly reccomend this book!

Bank's Manual of Methodist Doctrine: A Theology of Christian Experience
Published in Paperback by Hymnal Press (July, 2001)
Authors: John S. Banks and John J. Tigert
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A valued text
Though the writings of Mr. Banks shows some signs of age, his words carry the weight of much thought. Anyone interested in deeper meanings to Methodist theology should consider this book, though perhaps it is best served in the hands of students and clergy.

The Chase: The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A., 1945-85
Published in Hardcover by Harvard Business School Press (September, 1986)
Author: John Donald Wilson
Amazon base price: $24.50
Used price: $9.95
Collectible price: $19.58
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i want to ask
is henyep investment (Europe)l.t.d a trusted company since i want to invest my money in it through there account in your bank. thanx

Essence of Total Quality Management, The
Published in Paperback by Prentice Hall PTR (09 April, 1993)
Author: John Bank
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $2.90
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a valuable reference for some managers, students and MBA.
This book are to be considered as one of the greatest books and it's valuable for some managers, students, and some Professionals just to know some techniques and incresed their skills on how T.Q.M. is implemented and organized.

European Banking : Efficiency, Technology and Growth
Published in Hardcover by John Wiley & Sons (06 July, 2001)
Authors: John A. Goddard, Philip Molyneux, and John O. S. Wilson
Amazon base price: $115.00
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Excellent - deserves nobel price -Must read for consultants
This book is a must read for any strategy consultant and any investment banker. It offers empiric data on concentration processes in the European Banking Sector, and their roots.

It analyzes the data using advanced stochastic tests.
It benchmarks them with those concentration processes, which would have occured, if Gibrats "Law of proportionate Effect" had occured. Moreover, it offers the most complete bibliography on concentration processes in the banking industry.

Note to the authors: Your second edtion should say a bit more about the effect of IT on banking. You did complain "that there are no publications on the effect IT on banking." Indent the data
from "The Banking Revolution - IT in Banking - salavation or slaughter ?" , published in late 1997 by Carrington,Langguth, Steiner from Mitchel Madison Group. If you do so, your book is perfect.

The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy
Published in Hardcover by New Press (November, 1997)
Authors: Richard M. Titmuss, Ann Oakley, John Ashton, and Julian Le Grand
Amazon base price: $30.00
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The Gift of Life, but how much is it really worth?
Richard M. Titmuss's The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy has to be the best book that I have read this summer. It is hard to believe that this book was first published half a century ago and still holds true of the social and economical policies of life, metaphorically represented as blood. The first few chapters in this book that has recently been included in this edition illustrate the importance of how the concept of donating a non-substitute fluid of life presents various dilemmas in association with recent outbreaks like A.I.D.S. Originally, when I first purchased this book, I thought I would criticize how such social and economical policies have changed significantly over the fifty years. However, after reading this fascination and quite reflective book on our society and generosity today, I have realized that not much has changed since this book was first written. Yet, Titmuss does not accept or reject certain theories of the concept whether it is right or wrong to get paid to donate blood as opposed to voluntary donation. This book satiates the curiosity of how giving blood originated for the economics, anthropologist, philosopher, as well as for the average individual. Those who seek a challenge in trying to understand our health care system and H.M.O's will find this book as a great source of comparing how the giving of life has changed over the years, in the United States and abroad. Most of what Titmuss describes in his technical language is based on the H.M.S health care in England. However, the reader will hopefully realize the similarities and differences in socialized medicine compared to our managed health care as established today. If you are looking for an intellectually stimulating book questioning what is the gift of life and how much it is worth economically and socially, Richard M. Titmuss's The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy is the prescribed treatment for you.

Letters on South America Comprising Travels on the Banks of the Parana and the Rio De LA Plata: Comprising Travels on the Banks of the Parana and Rio De LA Plata
Published in Hardcover by AMS Press (December, 1970)
Authors: John P. Robertson and Wm. Parish Robertson
Amazon base price: $159.50
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Witnesses to history
The two Robertson brothers, from Scotland, managed to witness the main events of southern South America, from the British invasions (1807) to the economical crisis of 1830. And somehow they were always in the right place when things happened. They are invaluable first hand sources. They wrote six books on their experience, three "letters from South America" (from present day Argentina, really, but few people would have recognized the name at the time), two "letters from Paraguay", and one more on Paraguay's dictator, Gaspar Francia. They promised more, but unluckily didn't keep up. They were into commerce, to make money. And they made bundles, daring to go were nobody else had the courage to, in dangerous times. Enough money to advance in the twenties a share of a national loan to the government of Rivadavia. And then they lost almost everything in the downturn that ensued the war with Brazil over present day Uruguay. The reader must be advised that the Robertsons were businessmen, uncritically on the side of free unrestricted trade, with no simpathy for the "lower classes" or for political movements with a social content, such as those of Artigas or Francia. But bias apart, their books are a unique glimpse into fascinating but little known times and places.

The Lost Treasure of the Concepcion: The Story of One of the World's Greatest Treasure Finds and Burt Webber, the Man Who Never Gave Up
Published in Hardcover by William Morrow (June, 1980)
Author: John, Grissim
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $9.95
Collectible price: $15.88
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