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Hongkong Bank : The Building of Norman Foster's Masterpiece
Published in Hardcover by Little Brown & Company (July, 1989)
Author: Stephanie Williams
Amazon base price: $50.00
Used price: $22.50
Collectible price: $23.81
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The HongKong Shanghia Bank
This fantastic book is almost impossible to put down. It follows the tale of the Bank from initial studies, through the invited international competition, design development, bidding, and construction. The challenges of building the "most expensive building ever built" in the middle of South-East Asia involved manufacturing and engineering feats usually reserved for aerospace of military efforts. The book really describes how the design concept responded to the realities of the program and the construction procedures and how Foster's office and others staged the monumental task of getting the building completed. Everyone involved claimed that it was the project they had been training for their entire career.

Great saga about the construction of an incredible building
Possibly the greatest work of art by the famous British Architect Sir Norman Foster, this review takes you step by step through the entire process of design, planning, and construction. At it's time the most expensive building on earth, Williams' book is a tour-de-force and should be a must read for every budding young architect. Seek it out and buy one now if you can (I bought 5 copies to give to my friends)

Principles of banking
Published in Paperback by Amer Bankers Assn (15 April, 1998)
Authors: G. Jay Francis, Norman F. Hecht, Susan M. Siegel, Paul A. Principles of Banking Carrubba, and American Bankers Association
Amazon base price: $69.00
Used price: $10.99
Collectible price: $32.00
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Great fundamentals book
This book is a terrific resource for new bankers, or even experienced bankers who want to understand more about the teller and payment functions.

Excellent intro to banking
This is the text used by the American Bankers Assn. (ABA) to teach beginning bank personnel how banking works. My company, a large banking software company, also uses it to train new employees.

Only the 1st chapter is a sales pitch. The rest is easy to read, comprehensive presentations of teller functions, payments, credit, reporting, business banking, marketing, history and current trends.

Lord Liverpool: The Life and Political Career of Robert Banks Jenkinson, Second Earl of Liverpool, 1770-1828
Published in Hardcover by Harvard Univ Pr (December, 1985)
Author: Norman Gash
Amazon base price: $40.00
Used price: $39.60
Collectible price: $52.94
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Clear, erudite, well written and captivating.
Gash has produced a scholarly work on the life of this much neglected political giant of the 19th Century. The book covers the complete life of Jenkinson and sheds much light on interesting issuse like his relationship with his father and political contemporaries like Pitt, Grenville, Canning and Castlereagh. A reassessment must be made of his importance after a careful study of Professor Gash's work. No other Prime Minister had so much experience before becoming First Minister and no other Minister had to deal with so many contrasting difficulties- War, Revolt, Religious Toleration, Starvation, Urbanisation and Royal intrigues! An excellent introduction to the period and a scholarly biography.

Organic and Compost-Based Growing Media for Tree Seedling Nurseries (World Bank Technical Paper, No 264. Forestry Series)
Published in Paperback by World Bank (May, 1995)
Authors: Joan H. Miller and Norman Jones
Amazon base price: $22.00
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Good reference and "how-to" guide
The use of 100% organic potting media is one sure way to produce nursery stock with a good, dense fibrous root system. This book is a good "how-to" for nursery managers serious about producing large quantities of compost for their tree nurseries. The book explains why the use of 100% organic mixes is desirable and how to produce them. The book is primarily intended for forest nursery managers in developing countries, but is applicable anywhere.

The Rise and Fall of Palestine: A Personal Account of the Intifada Years
Published in Hardcover by Univ of Minnesota Pr (Txt) (November, 1996)
Author: Norman G. Finkelstein
Amazon base price: $47.95
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brutally honest account of the palestinian intifada experien
a brutally honest account of the palestinian intifada experience as written by a jewish american. exposes fallacies in the representation of the case as well as in foreign policy. very necessary in understanding the israel-palestine conflict

Jewish but not Zionist
As a Jewish woman living in the U.S. it was difficult for me to hear but one side of the story in the Israeli-Arab conflict. That side was the Zionist perspective. It wasn't until I spent time in Israel (ironic as this is) that I began to understand the fallacies in the arguments I grew up hearing. I read this book after picking it up at a friend's house, and now I'm feeling brave enough to buy a copy of my own. That courage comes from Finkelstein. I feel like I'm in good company. There ARE other Jews who can see and dare to shed some light on the OTHER SIDE--the Palestinian viewpoint. Finkelstein presents us with the Palestinian perspective in the context of the Israel-Arab conflict with such integrity and simplicity. As descendents of a terribly oppressed group of people, I whole-heartedly support all efforts to stop dehumanizing the "enemy." Finkelstien shows us the humanness of Palestinians.

Spectacular, courageous, a must-read
Finkelstein's book is that rare gem of a monumental work housed within a slim volume. What makes his ideas so astonishing, in addition to their being meticulously researched and footnoted, is that his parents were survivors of the Nazi holocaust. Based on encounters with Elie Wiesel and the like, one would not expect a Jew of this background to have such a profound understanding of the Palestinian people and of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This book is a must-read in that it convincingly defies, with powerfully sculpted arguments and towering research, the tired and frequently hypocritical views of the New York Times and other news authorities.

Finkelstein will convince you.

Thirteen Against the Bank
Published in Hardcover by William Morrow & Company (March, 1976)
Author: Norman. Leigh
Amazon base price: $8.95
Used price: $6.52
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Very interesting read but accurate?
I read this book as a teenager and enjoyed it immensely. Since then, I've often wondered if it was true. I recently decided to write a simulation program that plays the system exactly as laid out in the book. What did I find? Email me at, if you're interested.

I don't care how old it is...GREAT BOOK!
I read the book in less than two days....truly was hard to put down....if you are just picking up a book to browse through and try and pick up a system, then you don't want the book...the system is explained charts or graphs or any other BS....I found it to be a great read and have used a part of the system(mostly red/black and high/low) 5 times in the casinos(hardly enough to prove anything)but have walked away with $100+ each time...Now I don't have the capital to get a "Mushroom" as they call it, but if you can consistently walk away from the casino with $100-$200 for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of play...isn't that worth it.....Not quite as profitable as the European wheel, but it can still turn a profit with patience....BUY IT, READ IT AND ENJOY IT!

Compelling account - I read it within a few hours
The fascinating account of how Norman Leigh took a team to break the bank at Nice using his roulette system. Dryly funny, it offers an insight into how gambling affects and alters personalties. It also illustrates a winning roulette system for those with the exceptional discipline, stamina and bankroll required to play it.

Adolescent Physchology: a Developmental View: Instructor's Manual Test Bank
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill Education - Europe (1995)
Authors: Norman Sprinthall and Andrew W. Collins
Amazon base price: $
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Balance of Payment and Exchange Rate Theory
Published in Hardcover by Edward Elgar Pub (January, 2003)
Author: Norman C. Miller
Amazon base price: $70.00
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Bank Book (Collectors Showcase Library)
Published in Hardcover by Accent Studios (December, 1984)
Author: Bill Norman
Amazon base price: $45.00
Used price: $283.64
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The bank book : the encyclopedia of mechanical bank collecting
Published in Unknown Binding by Accent Studios ()
Author: Bill Norman
Amazon base price: $
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