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Anonymous Was a Woman/a Celebration in Words and Images of Traditional American Art-And the Women Who Made It: A Celebration in Words and Images of Traditional American Art-And the Women Who Made It
Published in Paperback by St. Martin's Press (September, 1995)
Authors: Mirra Bank and Phyllis Rose
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how many women artists can you name?
One day in an education class, my professor asked how many female artists can you name? Granted none of the people in the class were art majors but at most we came up with two, Virgina Woolfe and Mary Casset. Many people could not name any female artists. I found it astounding that in the history of western art, I could only think of two women painters. Taking the suggestion this professor, I decide to read the book "Anonymous was a woman" by Mirra Blank. I found the book intriguing and was impressed at its unveiling of how important domestic crafts like samplers and quilts were to women in the late eighteenth century and nineteenth century. The book has great photographs and anecdotal information that gives insight to the female mind of this time period. The images include quilts, velvet, and watercolor paintings. Excerpts are taken from the diaries of famous women like Louisa May Alcott and anonymous women who have been forgotten. The author also includes certain male points of view with repect to proper female conduct and love. I thought this book was great at revealing how many female artists there have been and their contribution to the American landscape.

Anonymous Was a Woman
Published in Hardcover by St. Martin's Press (December, 1979)
Author: Mirra Bank
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