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Frank Lloyd Wright: West Portfolio (Frank Lloyd Wright Portfolio Series)
Published in Paperback by Gibbs Smith Publisher (May, 1994)
Author: Thomas A. Heinz
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $2.90
Collectible price: $7.41
Buy one from zShops for: $2.75
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Essential for Wright-seers
Has 2 critical and unique features for each site -- GPS address (in addition to street address) and the accessibility for public viewing. Before this book, I've wasting much travel time trying to find sites and then finding them completely hidden from view.

California Reader Extremely WRONG
As a practicing architect and architectural historian living in California, I have found this book to be an essential part to my research for projects designed by FLW. The photography is rich and alive. I have visited most of the buildings included in this book, the photography could not be more powerful. What else can be expected from such a talented author as Mr. Heinz? Another fine book by Mr. Heinz and cannot wait to see his upcoming book on Green and Green's Blacker House.

California wrong
The reader from California must have the wrong book. There is no photo of a decorative detail of the Hollyhock House. I checked on the cities and found that some are noted differently than other texts but are accurate. One example is the Sturges House (page 49) listed in Los Angeles, most others list it in Brentwood. After the OJ trial, everyone now knows Brentwood is actually a neighborhood of Los Angeles. The photo of the Millard House (page 61) is printed backwards but the house is symmetrical and is still recognizable.

The book reveals a great deal of new, previously unpublished material that adds a great deal to our understanding of Wright's work such as the sections on San Francisco and Los Angeles that give locations and information of the clients or sites for buildings that are demolished to those only proposed. It helps to make the work more real and exciting.

The California reader must keep in mind that the purpose of this book is to assist all the Pilgrims making their way to every one of Wright's work. For that it is one of the greatest books available as Wright's work needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.

I am sure we are all eagerly awaiting the last of the series, The East!

Notes on the State of Virginia
Published in Digital by Penguin ()
Authors: Thomas Jefferson and Frank Shuffelton
Amazon base price: $12.95
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Jefferson's Brilliance
Thomas Jefferson's " Notes on the State of Virginia" is a brilliant piece of history, sociology, law, geology, government,and science. This work, Jefferson's only book, shows his powerful, brilliant mind at it's best. Jefferson shows the depth of his knowledge, not just on his own beautiful state, but on human nature itself. Some of the gems in this work are his views on education, advocating free public education for all, free government, advocating a revisal of the defective original Virginia Constitution. His knowledge of slavery, and the Indian races before his eyes are from personal experience and observation. Although painted by the deconstuctionist left as a "racist" Jefferson was a dangerous radical to the Virginia gentry due to his advocacy of emacipation and deportation of slaves. His views on black inferiority are exaggerated since he placed them forth as a scientific hypothesis based on personal observation. Jefferson could not see a "multicultural" society in America made up of former masters and slaves with resentment and prejudice still in the hearts of both. Many of his predictions about race relations have come true: hate, resentment, power struggles, and a continuing obsession which he forsaw would destroy the America Republic.

The best edited version of the is Koch and Peden's edited on in "The Life and Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson", but the full Notes is very good, but the reader must be prepared for numerous charts and tables. Overall a great book, and buy!

Highly recommended for H.S and college students & others
The book is written much like an epic poem- with lists of river, towns, economic conditions etc in 1780s. But also much more: His feeling on race. He obviously did not hate blacks, proposed a theory that they were less intelligent, had an aesthetic view of man akin to Gulliver's Travels and the horses. Theory of education is much akin to European model of today, much better than current theories in use. He opposed multiculturalism and opposed teaching children religion in schools or anyplace else, preferring Greek, Roman and European histories and philosophy for guidance of children. The difference between the America he wanted and the reality of today is striking. Which is better? Each must judge, but this is a must read book.

This is the only book Thomas Jefferson published
I recomend The book which was edited with an introduction and notes by William Peden. I have an orginal copy of "Notes on the State of Virginia" Second Amarican edition Printed in 1797, on loan to the Monticello, (of which I am welling to part with at the right price). This was a hard book to understand, once I read the one edited by William Peden, I had a much better understanding of what Mr. Jefferson wrote, as well as the history of Mr. Jefferson's efforts in acheaving it's final contents.

Conglomerates and the Media
Published in Hardcover by New Press (October, 1997)
Authors: Patricia Aufderheide, Erik Barnouw, Richard M. Cohen, Thomas Frank, Todd Gitlin, David Lieberman, Mark Crispin Miller, Gene Roberts, and Thomas Schatz
Amazon base price: $23.00
Used price: $35.34
Collectible price: $31.76
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How To Create A Media Conglomerate From Scratch!
Many have watched with dismay as conglomerates have gobbled up an increasing number of media companies. This collaborative effort between the New Press and New York University's (NYU) Departments of Culture and Communications, Education, and Journalism addresses that concern. Experts ranging from practitioners to academics were invited to participate in a lecture series hosted by NYU in 1996. Edited versions of their talks appear in this volume. An introduction by media scholar Todd Gitlin is followed by nine individually authored chapters covering media activities from radio and television to newspapers and book publishing. Surveying changes in telecommunications, Aufderheide (communication, American Univ.) calls for public vigilance and a middle ground between the apocalyptic doomsayers and those who believe the new age of communication has dawned. This book will be of value to media scholars as well as to citizens following this issue.

How To Create A Media Conglomerate From Scratch

This book is quite insightful, especially for a Southeast Asian media professional like myself. I recommend this book to everyone, even to those who work in the upper regions of the power sturcture of the media conglomerates critiqued in the collection.

For starters, it is a wonderful overview of how the media economy is shifting all over the world. The US market is saturated, as the book said, and the rest of the world is ripe for picking, especially my country, the Philippines.

This book is a tool to launch our own media analysis of what's happenning in our own countries. And from an analysis, we launch a critique, and from a critique, we launch steps to face the situation.

This book, published by New Media, is invaluable. I first read about it in an issue of Utne Reader. I took down the title and hunted it down in Amazon. I found it, bought it, and consumed it. I loved it because it gave me useful insights to work with.

This is a book I will dog-ear in my attempts to understand what to do in my field, and how to start my own media conglomerate from scratch. I already have my ideas, which I hope aren't just soundbites in my head.

Essays providing insight into a growing area of concern.
It is difficult to read Conglomerates and not be alarmed at the growing media control by a few major companies. The book begins with an insightful introduction by noted scholar Todd Gitlin and includes essays from Mark Crispin Miller (Johns Hopkins scholar and author of Boxed In) and David Leiberman (USA Today), among other prominent writers. One discrepency occurs with Lieberman's piece: it is listed in the table of contents as "Conglomerates, News, and Children", but in the chapter it is referred to as "Conglomerates, News, and the Media," leaving the reader to decide the correct version. This book is a must have if you want to gain an understanding of what's happening with media monopolies; Bagdikian fans rejoice! However, it is not chalk full o' references, so students looking for cites to follow may be disappointed. In the introduction, Gitlin echos an earlier statement by Niel Postman (author of Amusing Ourselves to Death): "Big Brother isn't looming, Brave New World is."

Frank Lloyd Wright Glass Art
Published in Hardcover by Academy Editions (UK) (June, 1994)
Author: Thomas A. Heinz
Amazon base price: $135.00
Used price: $99.99
Collectible price: $63.53
Buy one from zShops for: $69.95
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Best source book of FLW art glass designs.
Thomas Heinz is extremely well credentialed and has written the best source book on FLW art glass designs. Finest photography available of a myriad of FLW projects incorporating art glass windows in sequential sequence. This book is the finest book on FLW works in glass. Mandatory read for any design sourcing for art glass projects. You will not find a more authoritarian reference book on art glass designs by FLW.

Simply put, the premier book on Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass
I just dropped by to check on the availabilty of the Heinz book for a potential client. As the owner of a world class art glass studio specializing in FLW "inspired" designs, Studio Deco, I have had the opportunity to review countless books on the subject. In my opinion this is the finest book presently available.

An extensive visual tour of FLW's genious in glass art
Tomas Heinz, a practicing architect and skilled photographer has written several books on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. In this volume, Heinz provides a thorough examination of Wright's glass art designs. The beauty and power of the designs are faithfully captured in nearly 400 illustrations, most of them in color. The first four chapters cover Wright's architectural glass designs from 1889 to 1936. Chapter Two is entirely devoted to the Dana house, which contains the largest and most extensive collection of art glass designs by Wright. Chapter Five covers Wright's use of light screens later in his career, and Chapter Six gives a brief overview of other decorative features which Wright incorporated into many of his architectural designs. A thoroughly annotated bibliography provides an execllent source for further study. This book is highly recommended for the insight it offers, its visual aesthetic appeal, and as a source of information and inspiration to stained glass artists.

German Tanks of World War II in Color (Enthusiast Color Series)
Published in Paperback by Motorbooks International (May, 2000)
Authors: Michael Green, Thomas Anderson, Frank Schulz, and Gladys Elena Morales
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $8.99
Collectible price: $13.51
Buy one from zShops for: $9.73
Average review score:

I've read many books about the panzers in WWII. They have many useful information inside them. But they all had old black&white photos and some of them were really bad. But this book is great. It doesn't have so many information,the written things are known by many WWII fans. But what makes this book a 5 star treasure is the pictures. Who doesn't want to see Tigers, Panthers, King Tigers, Jagdpanthers and many more in colorful high quality pictures. The photos are taken from museums and collectors all around the world. When you are looking at the pictures you'll feel the real power of the Panther's 75mm gun and smell its gasoline and hear the roaring engine.

Gem of a Book
German Tanks of World War II in Color is not an exhaustive study nor does it try to be. However, weighing in at only 96 pages, it contains a surprising amount of information. The book is organized into four chapters: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks and support vehicles. All of the main panzers and armored fighting vehicles are discussed as well as their variants. The text is readable and informative. Text boxes add depth to the book by discussing tank anatomy, panzer division anatomy, weapon definitions, and color schemes. What truly makes this book unique are the color photographs of restored vehicles from museums and private collections around the world. The photo on the front cover is indicative of the eye-candy that awaits you inside. Recommended!

A great value.
This book packs a lot of information into its 96 pages. It's possible to find books on German Armor that have more detail, but not at this price. Brief but useful development histories are complemented by scores of high quality color photographs. Each of the Panzer series (I through VI) is featured, including most of the important variants (Tank destroyers and self-propelled artillery pieces). There is even a chapter on amored cars, halftracks, and reconnaissance vehicles. The text is good, but it is the photographs that set this book apart. Vintage snaps are coupled with shots of restored vehicles from museums and private collections around the world. I would recommend this book to modelers and history buffs alike.

Miller-Keane Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Allied Health
Published in Hardcover by W B Saunders Co (13 February, 1997)
Authors: Benjamin Frank Miller and Thomas Eoyang
Amazon base price: $34.95
Used price: $11.50
Buy one from zShops for: $24.50
Average review score:

Best around I have seen. We have added to our science museum
We have added a copy of this to our science museum library. If you had to pick just one book to figure things out with and you cuold take only one book to a mythical desert island.... this would have to be it for general medicine!

Lisa Surgical/Trauma RN
I wish I would have had this book when I was going to school. This book not only defines virtually every medical term but elaborates on essential areas. The beginning of the book is a color atlas of all body systems. eg. Skeletal,GI, Cranial Nerves, Muscles ect. It is then organized as a Dictionary from A-Z. There are clear pictures to help elaborate on definitions and explanations. An example is in the area of Intercranial Pressure. Not only is it defined, it is also explained in detail including ICP monitoring devices and pictures for easy understanding. I have been a nurse for a long time and found this book to be a wonderful reference.... in all areas of nursing.... Everyone on the unit wants to borrow this book and many have already purchased it themselves.

Quality nursing dictionaries
Having used many nursing dictionaries, this one is by far the best. It is very clear and amazingly comprehensive. At the front there is a short anatomy guide followed by a colour atlas. The bulk of the text is fantastic; good diagrams and flow charts throughout reinforce learning and an invaluble pronunciation guide for those of us that haven't studied Latin. To complete, a large Appendix section is included which provides a wealth of useful information for the reader. Although US and Canada focused, this book is a must for any nurse, doctor or allied health worker. At this price, buy it.

Published in Hardcover by Sterling Publications (March, 2002)
Authors: Frank McCourt, Rudolph W. Giuliani, and Thomas Von Essen
Amazon base price: $20.97
List price: $29.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.94
Collectible price: $14.50
Buy one from zShops for: $4.93
Average review score:

In tears
is the only way I can describe how I felt looking at the images in this beautiful book. God bless the men who made the ultimate sacrifice for others. This book is a breathtaking memoir on their heroism. Hopefully we will never forget

A wonderful tribute for all of the FDNY
"The Brotherhood" is a spectacular and moving tribute to all of New Yorks Bravest. It is tearfully moving yet not in the least bit over done or surupy. The Photography is absolutely first rate and truely captures the heart and soul of the FDNY and the sense of loss that all NY feels for the men and women of the New York City Fire Dept.I have not read Frank McCourt's books, but after reading his moving salute to the firemen of New York City I can easly understand why many consider him to be among the greatest living and active writers today. His two pages of writting alone are worth the price of this book. Wether you wish to buy this book simply because you wish to help the families of those killed or because of it's potential historical value or perhaps because you are a fire fighter or fire buff you won't be disappoited by this wonderful tribute/book. A definite buy.

A wonderful and fitting tribute
This large and attractive book is a highly moving, pictorial tribute to the firefighters who lost their lives in the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. The pictures, often as large as the pages, are in color and black-and-white, and were taken by more than sixty photographers. The pictures themselves are highly poignant, showing firefighters, fire stations and trucks, and the touching shrines that spontaneously sprouted up in front of fire stations across New York City.

The text is small, and scattered throughout the book in the form of poems and messages. But, most moving of all is the list of firefighters, whose names run along the bottom of each page, from the front cover all the way to the back cover.

This book is a wonderful and fitting tribute to the New York City firefighters, and moving book to read. A portion of the profits from the sales of this book goes to the FDNY charities, which makes this book an even better buy.

The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation
Published in Hardcover by Hyperion (October, 1995)
Authors: Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and Cllie Johnston
Amazon base price: $42.00
List price: $60.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $70.00
Collectible price: $70.00
Buy one from zShops for: $40.59
Average review score:

Unlocking the magic behind Disney Film Making.
If you are interested in animation, and want to really understand it then this is the book to get. Thomas and Johnston are fine writers and their love for their art is easilly apparent. It's a long, sometimes exasperating, book on the subject of animation; I'd advise the reader to take their time with this one, and perhaps skip the really technical stuff that may be too much for the average reader.
Whats really inspiring is the dedication all the young artists showed in exploring this new medium, and how Walt Disney's amazing gifts as a leader, visionary, and storyteller kept the "Disney Train" surging ahead even after Disney's death in 1966.

The Animators Bible
Equivalent to a Holy relic, this masterpiece of a book has inspired me, not only to appreciate Disney's work, but also the animators and animation in general. If you are considering entering the animation field, in particular working for Disney, then by all means purchase this book and read it thouroughly. 2 of the Old Nine Men, Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, wrote this book sometime in the early eighties. I read this in the early nineties. I was such a good read it amazed. Not only what they were writing about, but how good the writing was. It was humerous, witty, profound and informative in such a way that is easy to retain the knowledge which I found immediately applicable. By far the one book that has stood the test of time beyond all of Disney's "The Art of (Insert Movie Here)" books. Thomas and Johnston give step by step process of how Disney complete a picture from the inception of the first idea to the finalized product on Sunset Boulevard at the El Capitan. I cannot comment on this book enough and cannot reccomend this book highly enough. Five stars is the max, but I can say, of all the books I have read, no other book has inspired me more in my readings, and no other book I treasure more than this one. I say, the earlier edition of this book may have better prints and color, but its not the pictures that matter completely (however nice they are), its what the animators pass on to another animator. Inspiration for motivation and creativity.

There is not such thing as perfect, but this is so close!
As any animation student or fan would know, this IS the book he or she would admires and stares for hours. "The Illusion of Life" is not just a history book about the Disney studio, but it goes beyond the history and concept; it goes in deep into storytelling, character animation, background design, concept/script illustration, character design, and many more. The greatest thing about this book is the author and writer, FRANK THOMAS and OLLIE JOHNSTON!!! Two of the veteran and master of Disney animation. They have been working with Disney since Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan... the 40s and 50s! The writing is also very descriptive and easy to understand. Not only they get to the point, they also reveal several secrets and tricks in animation.

I strongly suggest every animation fan and animator to get this book. It is expensive, but not rare to get. It is one of a kind! And do get it before it runs out of print!

Complete Idoit's Guide for Dumies
Published in Paperback by Ten Speed Press (March, 2000)
Authors: Frank Coffey, Ian Dullard, Thomas Dolt, and Dan Quail
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $1.00
Buy one from zShops for: $5.95
Average review score:

If you like the 3 Stooges, you'll love this book.
As parodies go, it's almost as good as the National Lampoon Yearbook (the best parody of this kind I've ever seen) and much funnier than OJ's Legal Pad. I found myself laughing steadily while reading it, though I was able to eat a PB&J and drink milk without any milk blowing out my nose, which is why it only gets 4 stars. I'm gonna give it as gifts to several of my friends who could really use it. They think they're way too smart for their own good.

I May Not Be a Smart Man, But I Know What Love Is
I read "The Complete Idoits Guide For Dumies," and like my mama said, some books are good and some are gooder. This one is just plain gooder. I loved it lots. I would recomend this book for anyone who needs a better way to understand what being mentally slow is. My mama said that dumies is as dumies does, and I think that lady got something there. Thank you, mama, and thank you United States of America.

Although the authors could have done a better job proofreading -- they spelled both the words "Idiott's" and "Dummys" wrong in the TITLE, for gosh darn sakes -- I felt the book was informative and worthwhile for readers of any age, gender, or level of mental acuity. The book, which is clearly a parody and is obviously unaffiliated in any way with the official Dummies' and Idiot's guides that it mocks and spoofs, has definitely turned my frown upside down. If I could ever meet the authors, I would definitely ask them for a free copy of the book, but if they did not comply or couldn't understand what I was saying I would buy a copy with my own money. THE BOOK IS THAT GOOD.

The Waste Land and Other Poems
Published in Paperback by Penguin USA (Paper) (25 February, 2003)
Authors: T. S. Eliot and Frank Kermode
Amazon base price: $8.00
Used price: $3.00
Buy one from zShops for: $5.51
Average review score:

Eliot's Modernist Reflection
The Waste Land, published in 1922 and considered one of the major works associated with modernism. This poem deals despairingly with the state of post-World War I society, which Eliot saw as sterile and decadent. Numerous references to religious imagery, mythology and literature of the past are used ironically to point out the comparative emptiness of Eliot's time.

The Waste Land
The Waste Land is sometimes considered to be the greatest poem of the twentieth century. This collection from Dover (at an amazing price) includes this and several other of Eliot's poems. The Waste Land, however, is considered to be his masterpiece, his 'epic,' in a sense. In fact, it is interesting to compare Eliot's bleak vision of a land of waste to other, earlier epics.

The poem is in some sense a warning, in another sense a cry of despair. The image of the wasted land, of the spiritually degenerate human race, is depressing, yet the poem ends with a glimmer (albeit faint) of hope--salvation is possible, however unlikely. I am no expert on this poem, and like most people understand only fragments of it, but what I have gained from the poem I have found to be very enlightening, and very stirring.

Eliot draws many references from the old legend of the Fisher-King, and an idea of what this legend is about (in all its many forms) is useful in interpreting the poem. This is undoubtedly one of the classics in both English literature and modernist writings, and very worthwhile for anyone who is willing to take the time to study it.

What the thunder said . . .
T.S. Eliot wrote "The Waste Land" against the backdrop of a world gone mad-- searching for reason inside chaos, and striving to build an ark of words by which future generations could learn what had gone before, T.S. Eliot explores that greatest of human melancholy-- disillusionment. This is a difficult poem, but one well-worth exploring to its fullest. The inherent rhythms of Eliot's speech, the delightful, though sometimes obscure, allusions, and intricate word-craft, create an atmosphere of civilization on the edge-- in danger of forgetting its past, and therefore repeating it. In the end, only the poet is left, to admonish the world to peace, to preserve the ruins of the old life, and to ensure that future generations benefit from the disillusions of the past.

"Prufrock" is perhaps the best "mid-life crisis" poem ever written. In witty, though self-deprecating and often downright bitter, tones, Eliot goes on a madcap but infinitely somber romp through the human mind. This is a poem of contradictions, of repression, of human fear, and human self-defeat. Technically, "Prufrock" is brilliant, with a varied and intricate style suited to the themes of madness, love, and self-doubt.

Buy this. You won't regret it. If you're an Eliot fan, you probably have it anyway. If you're not, you will be when you put it down.

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